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Total primary energy domestic supply (sometimes referred to as energy use) is calculated by the International Energy Agency as production of fuels + inputs from other sources + imports - exports - international marine bunkers + stock changes.

It includes coal, crude oil, natural gas liquids, refinery feedstocks, additives, petroleum products, gases, combustible renewables and waste, electricity and heat. Domestic supply differs from final consumption in that it does not take account of distribution losses. The supply and use of energy commodities are converted to Kg. oil equivalent using standard coefficients for each energy source.

Source Publication:
United Nations. Energy Statistics -- Definitions, Units of Measure and Conversion Factors. Series F, No. 44 (United Nations publication, Sales No. E.86.XVII.21).

Statistical Theme: Energy statistics

Created on Monday, July 4, 2005

Last updated on Wednesday, November 30, 2005