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The right to exploit fishing grounds over more than one year. When they are transferable, fishing rights constitute an intangible non-produced asset. Fishing rights must be distinguished from fishing licences. Fishing licenses are payable annually and cover the right to fish in specific waters only for the year covered and their payment should be regarded as a form of rent and not as the acquisition of an asset.

In SNA rents on land include the rents payable to the owners of inland waters and rivers for the right to exploit such waters for recreational or other purposes, including fishing.

Source Publication:
United Nations, European Commission, International Monetary Fund, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, World Bank, 2005, Handbook of National Accounting: Integrated Environmental and Economic Accounting 2003, Studies in Methods, Series F, No.61, Rev.1, Glossary, United Nations, New York, paras. 6.36 & 6.49.

Statistical Theme: Environmental statistics

Created on Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Last updated on Wednesday, November 30, 2005