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French Equivalent: Techniciens en informatique et communications

The former International Standard Classification of Occupation ISCO-88 dicided the Computer Associate Professionals into 3 groups:
3121 Computer assistants
3122 Computer equipment operators
3123 Industrial robot controllers

The new ISCO-08 divides them into the following subgroups:
Code: 2513 Title: Web and multimedia developers
Code: 2514 Title: Applications programmers
Code: 2519 Title: Software and applications developers and analysts not elsewhere classified
Code: 3512 Title: Information and communications technology user support technicians
Code: 3512 Title: Computer network and systems technicians
Code: 3514: Web technicians
Code 3511: Title: Information and communications technology operations technicians
Code 3514: Title: Web technicians
Code 3139: Title: Process control technicians not elsewhere classified

Computer associate professionals provide assistance to users of micro-computers and standard software packages, control and operate computers and peripheral equipment and carry out limited programming tasks connected with the installation and maintenance of computer hardware and software.

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