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French Equivalent: NACE / CLIO

General Industrial Classification of Economic Activities in the European Communities (Nomenclature générale des Activités économiques dans les Communautés Européennes) - version used for the input-output tables (European System of Accounts 1979)

NACE/CLIO was the branch of NACE 1970 used for the compilation of input-output tables. It was designed as a nomenclature of branches, made up of "homogeneous production units", which are analytical units. NACE/CLIO branches have been defined by regrouped NIMEXE headings, and in all but a few cases complete NIMEXE headings have been used. As a result, NIMEXE headings of several industrial origins fall under the branch corresponding to the predominant production.

This classification is no longer in use (it has been superseded by NACE Rev.1 in 1990).

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Created on Thursday, July 7, 2005

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