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Domestic tourism consumption comprises the consumption of resident visitors within the economic territory of the country of reference.

The final destination of the visitor might be within or outside the country of reference, but the consumption activity that is referred to has to take place within this country of reference. It might include goods or services produced abroad or by non-residents but sold within the country of reference (imported goods and services).

Note that this definition is broader than the common understanding of the term “domestic” within tourism statistics (involving residents of the country of reference travelling and remaining within the country), and as defined here domestic tourism consumption includes what was traditionally identified as the domestic portion of outbound tourism consumption.

Source Publication:
Tourism Satellite Account: Recommended Methodological Framework, Eurostat, OECD, WTO, UNSD, 2001, paras. 2.61, 2.62.

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Created on Tuesday, September 25, 2001

Last updated on Tuesday, March 4, 2003