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French Equivalent: Territoire économique (d’un pays) – SCN/NU

The economic territory of a country consists of the geographic territory administered by a government within which persons, goods, and capital circulate freely.

It includes: (a) the airspace, territorial waters, and continental shelf lying in international waters over which the country enjoys exclusive rights or over which it has, or claims to have, jurisdiction in respect of the right to fish or to exploit fuels or minerals below the sea bed; (b) territorial enclaves in the rest of the world; and (c) any free zones, or bonded warehouses or factories operated by offshore enterprises under customs control (these form part of the economic territory of the country in which they are physically located).

Source Publication:
SNA 14.9 and International Merchandise Trade Statistics, Concepts and Definitions, United Nations, New York, 1998, Studies in Methods, Series M, No. 52, Rev. 2, page 27, para. 3.

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