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Employees are all those workers who hold the type of job defined as paid employment jobs. Employees with stable contracts are those employees who have had, and continue to have, an explicit (written or oral) or implicit contract of employment, or a succession of such contracts, with the same employer on a continuous basis.

On a continuous basis implies a period of employment which is longer than a specified minimum determined according to national circumstances. Regular employees are those employees with stable contracts for whom the employing organisation is responsible for payment of taxes and social security contributions and/or where the contractual relationship is subject to national labour legislation.

Source Publication:
International Labour Organization (ILO) Resolutions Concerning International Classification of Status in Employment Adopted by the 15th International Conference of Labour Statisticians, January 1993, para. 8.

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Statistical Theme: Labour statistics - Labour force statistics

Created on Tuesday, September 25, 2001

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