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Employment in establishment surveys is the total number of persons who work in or for the establishment including working proprietors, active business partners and unpaid family workers, as well as persons working outside the establishment when paid by and under the control of the establishment, for example, sales representatives, outside service engineers and repair and maintenance personnel.

The enumeration may refer to a specified day, pay period or calendar week in the inquiry period

Also included are salaried managers and salaried directors of incorporated enterprises. The total should include part-time workers and seasonal workers on the payroll, persons on short-term leave (sick leave, maternity leave, annual leave or vacation) and on strike, but not persons on indefinite leave, military leave or pension.

Excluded are directors of incorporated enterprises and members of shareholders committees who are paid solely for their attendance at meetings, labour made available to the establishment by other units and charged for, such as contract workers paid through contractors, persons carrying out repair and maintenance work in the establishment on behalf of other units and all homeworkers.

Source Publication:
International Recommendations for Industrial Statistics, United Nations, New York, 1983, Statistical Papers, Series M, No. 48, Rev. 1, paras. 92-94

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Statistical Theme: Labour statistics - Labour force statistics

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