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Fixed assets are defined in national accounts as non-financial produced assets that are used repeatedly or continuously in production for more than one year.

Fixed assets include not only dwellings, buildings, structures, machinery and equipment but also cultivated assets such as livestock for breeding and vineyards. They also include intangible assets such as computer software and entertainment, literary or artistic originals.

The SNA sets down three main types of produced assets: fixed assets, inventories and valuables. Both fixed assets and inventories are assets that are held only by producers for purposes of production.

In company accounts, fixed assets are not limited to produced assets and so include land. They also include, with certain exceptions, a wider range of intangible assets as well as financial assets.

In business statistics, the interest in fixed assets has traditionally centred on tangible assets (including land), but has widened recently to also include both intangible and financial assets.

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Fixed assets – SNA

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Created on Tuesday, September 25, 2001

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