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MeasureCurrent prices, current exchange rates
IndustryPartner country
Hide subtree CTOTAL: TOTALWorld47.9147.4949.17
CTOTAL: TOTALC01T05: Agriculture, hunting, forestry and fishing32.2532.0732.52
C10T14: Mining and quarrying25.2625.0726.48
C15T16: Food products, beverages and tobacco41.0040.8241.31
C17T19: Textiles, textile products, leather and footwear35.7235.7436.23
C20: Wood and products of wood and cork43.2843.1143.82
C21T22: Pulp, paper, paper products, printing and publishing52.3652.3253.17
C23: Coke, refined petroleum products and nuclear fuel32.9332.6935.64
C24: Chemicals and chemical products36.1236.0037.12
C25: Rubber and plastics products24.2824.1524.66
C26: Other non-metallic mineral products42.6842.5044.37
C27: Basic metals36.3136.2139.26
C28: Fabricated metal products35.5635.7136.99
C29: Machinery and equipment, nec 35.3335.3536.22
C30T33X: Computer, Electronic and optical equipment43.1043.1843.99
C31: Electrical machinery and apparatus, nec44.8645.0946.28
C34: Motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers44.0443.9444.99
C35: Other transport equipment40.8841.0041.76
C36T37: Manufacturing nec, recycling 38.6038.7439.83
C40T41: Electricity, gas and water supply28.6328.8330.66
C45: Construction82.9183.2384.18
C50T52: Wholesale and retail trade, repairs89.2289.3589.82
C55: Hotels and restaurants82.6382.7683.28
C60T63: Transport and storage89.6989.6790.15
C64: Post and telecommunications91.2991.4391.77
C65T67: Financial intermediation98.4698.4998.57
C70: Real estate activities96.1396.2496.44
C71: Renting of machinery and equipment90.0990.2490.72
C72: Computer and related activities94.8094.9595.19
C73T74: R&D and other business activities92.1792.3392.68
C75: Public admin. and defence, compulsory social security91.0591.2091.53
C80: Education94.4694.6394.79
C85: Health and social work92.2892.4592.60
C90T93: Other community, social and personal services90.7490.9191.21
C95: Private households with employed persons0.000.000.00
SUBTOTAL: SUBTOTALC10T41: Industry (Mining, Manufactures and Utilities)30.2129.5431.87
C15T37: Total Manufactures38.2638.2239.99
C20T22: Wood, paper, paper products, printing and publishing47.4947.6147.75
C23T26: Chemicals and non-metallic mineral products34.8834.8536.36
C27T28: Basic metals and fabricated metal products36.2836.1939.18
C30T33: Electrical and optical equipment43.5543.6144.45
C34T35: Transport equipment42.9342.8243.52
C45T95: Total Services including Construction activities89.8289.9490.33
C50T95: Total Services 89.8990.0290.41
C50T74: Total Business Sector Services89.4689.5789.98
C50T64: Wholesale, retail, hotels, restaurants, transport88.8288.9089.34
C50T55: Wholesale and retail trade, Hotels and restaurants88.3388.4788.89
C60T64: Transport and storage, post and telecommunication89.7489.7290.19
C65T74: Finance, Real Estate and business services93.6293.8194.14
C70T74: Real estate, renting and business activities92.8393.0193.37
C75T95: Community, social and personal services 93.5893.7693.96
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