INDICATORTotal expenditure on educational institutions per full-time equivalent studentInformation on item
UNIT_MEASUREUSD Purchasing Power Parity
ISC11Primary education (ISCED2011 level 1)Lower secondary education (ISCED2011 level 2)Upper secondary education (ISCED2011 level 3)Post-secondary non-tertiary education (ISCED2011 level 4)Short-cycle tertiary education (ISCED2011 level 5)Long cycle tertiary (ISCED2011 levels 6 to 8)Total tertiary education (ISCED2011 levels 5 to 8)Total tertiary education (ISCED2011 levels 5 to 8)Primary to upper secondary education (ISCED2011 levels1, 2 and 3)ISCED2011 levels 1 to 8
All tertiary excluding R&D activities
Flemish Community of Belgium11 81115 365
(w14 561
13 81524 21423 55714 56813 50715 296
French community of Belgium10 99713 981
(w15 045
(w17 159
17 15912 07213 06613 946
wIncludes data from another category
xData included in another category
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