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Our latest economic forecasts are available in this dataset

GDPV_ANNPCT: Gross domestic product, volume, growth, annualised rateUnited StatesInformation on item1.72.02.5
JapanInformation on item-
Euro area (15 countries)Information on item1.60.21.4
OECD - TotalInformation on item1.91.62.3
CPI_YTYPCT: Consumer price index, year-on-year growthUnited States3.22.41.4
CPIH_YTYPCT: Consumer price index, harmonised, year-on-year growthEuro area (15 countries)
PCP_YTYPCT: Private final consumption expenditure, deflator, year-on-year growthOECD - TotalInformation on item2.51.91.5
UNR: Unemployment rateInformation on itemUnited States9.08.98.6
Euro area (15 countries)9.910.310.3
OECD - Total8.08.17.9
CBGDPR: Current account balance, as a percentage of GDPInformation on itemUnited StatesInformation on item-3.0-2.9-3.2
JapanInformation on item2.22.22.4
Euro area (15 countries)Information on item0.10.61.0
OECD - TotalInformation on item-0.6-0.4-0.4
NLGQ: Government net lending, as a percentage of GDPInformation on itemUnited StatesInformation on item-10.0-9.3-8.3
JapanInformation on item-8.9-8.9-9.5
Euro area (15 countries)Information on item-4.0-2.9-1.9
OECD - TotalInformation on item-6.6-5.9-5.1
IRS: Short-term interest rateUnited StatesInformation on item0.40.40.3
JapanInformation on item0.20.20.2
Euro area (15 countries)Information on item1.41.00.6
Data extracted on 12 Jun 2024 20:07 UTC (GMT) from OECD.Stat


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