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Flow type
Amount type
UnitUS Dollar, Millions, 2021
AidToThruCore contributions toContributions through
Hide subtree Multilateral Organisations55 846.07533 620.683
 Multilateral Organisations, Other..1 796.314
Hide subtree United Nations (UN) agency, fund or commission8 370.47522 982.792
 Central Emergency Response Fund505.1730.693
 Convention to Combat Desertification6.6153.945
 COVID-19 Response and Recovery Multi-Partner Trust Fund6.914..
 Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific2.9542.276
 Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia..0.368
 Economic Commission for Africa..4.665
 Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean0.0245.811
 Food and Agricultural Organisation292.944384.883
 Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission0.0241.045
 International Agency for Research on Cancer5.752..
 International Atomic Energy Agency (Contributions to Technical Cooperation Fund Only)40.6351.289
 International Atomic Energy Agency - assessed contributions108.9491.399
 International drug purchase facility113.64845.336
 International Fund for Agricultural Development368.291521.987
 International Labour Organisation - Assessed Contributions176.677141.779
 International Labour Organisation - Regular Budget Supplementary Account5.92778.863
 International Maritime Organization - Technical Co-operation Fund0.5610.456
 International Organisation for Migration80.9601 052.955
 International Telecommunications Union8.7391.539
 Joint Sustainable Development Goals Fund46.966..
 Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS184.12323.113
 Multilateral Fund for the Implementation of the Montreal Protocol137.8710.080
 Pan-American Health Organisation64.83159.675
 UN-Multi Partner Trust Fund Office..234.173
 United Nations1 222.34332.133
 United Nations Capital Development Fund8.12033.617
 United Nations Children’s Fund500.4353 282.662
 United Nations Conference on Trade and Development0.04712.385
 United Nations Democracy Fund0.0445.298
 United Nations Department of Peace Operations - UN peacekeeping operations [only MINURSO, MINUSCA, MINUSMA, MINUJUSTH, MONUSCO, UNAMID, UNIFIL, UNISFA, UNMIK, UNMIL, UNMISS, UNOCI]. Report contributions mission by mission in CRS++.591.33648.497
 United Nations Department of Political and Peacebuilding Affairs, Trust Fund in Support of Political Affairs34.69224.318
 United Nations Development Coordination Office13.59922.443
 United Nations Development Programme611.5391 748.104
 United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (extrabudgetary contributions only)0.5192.013
 United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation92.298119.439
 United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women158.626192.307
 United Nations Environment Programme87.701156.185
 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change18.7565.718
 United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (extrabudgetary contributions only)85.84069.051
 United Nations Human Settlement Programme1.53052.626
 United Nations Industrial Development Organisation42.27966.786
 United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research0.2320.549
 United Nations Institute for Training and Research0.50018.621
 United Nations Mine Action Service12.78825.365
 United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction6.63121.257
 United Nations Office of Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs261.586702.550
 United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees521.9812 918.315
 United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime10.510170.314
 United Nations Peacebuilding Fund139.19814.793
 United Nations Population Fund428.576554.571
 United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East241.550706.330
 United Nations Research Institute for Social Development0.7911.520
 United Nations System Staff College2.5903.070
 United Nations University (including Endowment Fund)5.13016.253
 United Nations Voluntary Fund for Technical Co-operation in the Field of Human Rights6.818..
 United Nations Voluntary Fund for Victims of Torture1.1630.066
 United Nations Volunteers9.77220.383
 Universal Postal Union2.0570.397
 World Food Programme456.1266 458.308
 World Health Organisation - assessed contributions356.116142.151
 World Health Organisation - core voluntary contributions account220.9851 325.864
 World Health Organisation - Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan17.02335.383
 World Intellectual Property Organisation0.7452.039
 World Meteorological Organisation6.4886.001
 World Tourism Organization8.141..
 World Trade Organisation - Advisory Centre on WTO Law10.7610.441
 World Trade Organisation - Doha Development Agenda Global Trust Fund3.005..
 World Trade Organisation - International Trade Centre10.93239.502
 United Nations (UN) agency, fund or commission, Other..1 358.837
Hide subtree European Union Institutions17 541.516397.891
 European Commission - Development Share of Budget12 960.004175.005
 European Commission - European Development Fund4 555.6040.997
 European Investment Bank25.90858.834
 European Union Institutions, Other..163.054
Hide subtree International Monetary Fund (IMF)1 533.238298.608
 Catastrophe Containment and Relief Trust87.86811.826
 International Monetary Fund - Poverty Reduction and Growth - Heavily Indebted Poor Countries Debt Relief Initiative Trust Fund [includes HIPC, Extended Credit Facility (ECF), and ECF-HIPC sub-accounts]16.234..
 International Monetary Fund - Poverty Reduction and Growth Trust1 429.13638.975
 International Monetary Fund - Subsidization of Emergency Post Conflict Assistance/Emergency Assistance for Natural Disasters for PRGT-eligible members..2.070
 International Monetary Fund (IMF), Other..245.737
Hide subtree World Bank Group (WB)8 633.2662 827.886
 International Bank for Reconstruction and Development866.1601 404.687
 International Development Association6 190.26924.095
 International Development Association - Heavily Indebted Poor Countries Debt Initiative Trust Fund36.904..
 International Development Association - Multilateral Debt Relief Initiative724.23924.277
 International Finance Corporation815.692312.989
 Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency..11.639
 Partnership for Market Implementation..14.240
 World Bank Group (WB), Other..1 035.958
Hide subtree Regional Development Banks3 789.0521 262.501
 African Development Bank533.975145.600
 African Development Fund2 439.326119.139
 African Export Import Bank..59.248
 Asian Development Bank61.838168.658
 Asian Development Fund514.101..
 Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank53.530..
 Black Sea Trade and Development Bank..0.000
 Caribbean Development Bank30.5719.195
 Central African States Development Bank..0.000
 Central American Bank for Economic Integration76.28155.303
 Council of Europe Development Bank0.0960.407
 Development Bank of Latin America26.248201.123
 Eastern and Southern African Trade and Development Bank..108.655
 European Bank for Reconstruction and Development5.174124.458
 European Bank for Reconstruction and Development - Early Transition Countries Fund4.398..
 European Bank for Reconstruction and Development - technical co-operation and special funds (all EBRD countries of operations)..0.462
 European Bank for Reconstruction and Development - technical co-operation and special funds (ODA-eligible countries only)..13.944
 European Bank for Reconstruction and Development - Western Balkans Joint Trust Fund5.857..
 Financial Fund for the Development of the River Plate Basin..0.000
 Inter-American Development Bank, Fund for Special Operations0.440..
 Inter-American Development Bank, Inter-American Investment Corporation and Multilateral Investment Fund36.640151.737
 West African Development Bank0.57741.916
 Regional Development Banks, Other..62.656
Hide subtree Other multilateral institutions15 978.5284 054.691
 Adaptation Fund101.761..
 African Tax Administration Forum1.4100.473
 African Union (excluding peacekeeping facilities)..36.819
 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Support Fund (except contributions tied to counter-terrorism activities)0.7002.043
 Asian Forest Cooperation Organisation..4.369
 Asian Productivity Organisation5.5920.344
 Association of South East Asian Nations: Economic Co-operation0.66736.050
 Caribbean Community Secretariat0.0400.787
 Center of Excellence in Finance1.4450.592
 Central European Initiative - Special Fund for Climate and Environmental Protection..0.695
 CGIAR Fund86.38394.845
 Clean Technology Fund121.3200.000
 Colombo Plan0.0518.291
 Commonwealth Foundation4.0761.010
 Commonwealth of Learning2.7510.554
 Commonwealth Secretariat (ODA-eligible contributions only)26.3543.442
 Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries0.9150.297
 Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna4.0551.809
 Council of Europe98.82618.888
 Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa..10.461
 Economic Community of West African States..42.832
 European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organisation0.8310.075
 Forum Fisheries Agency2.61946.570
 Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces14.22411.897
 Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining11.2013.191
 Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization6 611.2502 122.993
 Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund4.9351.356
 Global Environment Facility - Least Developed Countries Fund143.7312.956
 Global Environment Facility - Special Climate Change Fund0.862..
 Global Environment Facility Trust Fund828.846..
 Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria4 712.539156.714
 Global Green Growth Institute19.33224.328
 Green Climate Fund2 216.4860.291
 Inter-American Institute for Co-operation on Agriculture16.8070.306
 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change3.3860.047
 International Anti-Corruption Academy0.911..
 International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies14.3067.111
 International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology3.1311.008
 International Commission on Missing Persons0.0160.573
 International Cotton Advisory Committee0.442..
 International Development Law Organisation10.68631.796
 International Finance Facility for Immunisation371.04057.693
 International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance12.8827.631
 International Investment Bank4.294..
 International Network for Bamboo and Rattan0.0282.575
 International Organisation of the Francophonie104.75011.618
 International Renewable Energy Agency6.83510.904
 International Tropical Timber Organisation2.0251.273
 International Vaccine Institute7.716..
 Justice Studies Centre of the Americas..0.498
 Latin-American Energy Organisation..0.391
 Mekong River Commission2.2302.528
 New Partnership for Africa's Development..1.923
 Nordic Development Fund7.7361.183
 OECD Development Centre9.01412.155
 Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (Contributions to special funds for Technical Co-operation Activities Only)24.11139.079
 Organisation of American States48.33234.133
 Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States..2.554
 Organisation of Ibero-American States for Education, Science and Culture0.9743.477
 Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe100.52781.216
 Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat3.0832.389
 Pacific Regional Environment Programme1.7268.089
 Pan-American Institute of Geography and History0.324..
 Private Infrastructure Development Group..124.864
 Sahara and Sahel Observatory..0.000
 Sahel and West Africa Club1.2770.473
 Secretariat of the Pacific Community4.27451.697
 South East Asian Fisheries Development Centre..1.830
 South East Asian Ministers of Education0.0242.013
 Southern African Development Community..0.010
 Strategic Climate Fund189.0489.956
 West African Monetary Union..0.000
 World Customs Organization Customs Co-operation Fund2.0529.466
 World Organisation for Animal Health1.3375.381
 Other multilateral institutions, Other0.000891.880
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