VariableGDP growth
AustraliaPercentage, 2014-15Information on item3.
AustriaPercentage, 2010Information on item0.
BelgiumPercentage, 2015Information on item0.
CanadaPercentage, 2007Information on item1.
ChilePercentage, 2013Information on item5.
Czech RepublicPercentage, 2010Information on item-0.7-
DenmarkPercentage, 2010Information on item0.
EstoniaPercentage, 2010Information on item4.
FinlandPercentage, 2010Information on item-1.4-0.8-
FrancePercentage, 2010Information on item0.
GermanyInformation on itemPercentage, 2010Information on item0.
GreecePercentage, 2010Information on item-7.3-3.20.8-0.3-
HungaryPercentage, 2005Information on item-
IcelandPercentage, 2005Information on item1.
IrelandPercentage, 2015Information on item0.01.68.325.
IsraelInformation on itemPercentage, 2015Information on item2.
ItalyPercentage, 2010Information on item-2.9-
JapanPercentage, 2011Information on item1.
KoreaPercentage, 2010Information on item2.
LuxembourgPercentage, 2010Information on item-
MexicoPercentage, 2013Information on item3.
NetherlandsPercentage, 2010Information on item-1.1-
New ZealandPercentage, 2009-10Information on item2.
NorwayPercentage, 2015Information on item2.
PolandPercentage, 2010Information on item1.
PortugalPercentage, 2011Information on item-4.0-
Slovak RepublicPercentage, 2010Information on item1.
SloveniaPercentage, 2010Information on item-2.7-
SpainPercentage, 2010Information on item-2.9-
SwedenPercentage, 2016Information on item0.
SwitzerlandPercentage, 2010Information on item1.
TurkeyPercentage, 2009Information on item4.
United KingdomPercentage, 2015Information on item1.
United StatesPercentage, 2009Information on item2.
OECD - TotalPercentage, 2010Information on item1.
WorldPercentage, 2010Information on item3.
Hide subtree Non-OECD EconomiesPercentage, 2010Information on item5.
Non-OECD EconomiesBrazilPercentage, 2000Information on item1.93.00.5-3.5-
China (People's Republic of)Percentage, 2010Information on item7.
IndiaPercentage, 2011-12Information on item5.
IndonesiaPercentage, 2010Information on item6.
RussiaPercentage, 2016Information on item3.71.80.7-2.8-
South AfricaPercentage, 2010Information on item2.
Dynamic Asian EconomiesPercentage, 2010Information on item4.
Other oil producersPercentage, 2010Information on item3.
Data extracted on 19 Jun 2018 10:49 UTC (GMT) from OECD.Stat


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