Time2015Information on item
UnitUSD mnInformation on item%Information on item
PSECSE indicatorProducer Support Estimate (PSE)Contibution to change in PSE by country
% change PSE from the current year to last yearContribution of change in PSE of budgetary paymentsContribution to change in PSE of Market price supportContribution to change in PSE of MPS elements (Quantity)
Sort ascendingSort descendingSort ascendingSort descendingSort ascendingSort descendingSort ascendingSort descendingSort ascendingSort descending
AustraliaInformation on item588.8-1.3-
CanadaInformation on item4 289.3-1.60.1-1.72.4
ChileInformation on item400.
IcelandInformation on item196.
IsraelInformation on item1 032.734.84.830.0-1.9
JapanInformation on item33 509.5-11.90.6-12.5-0.5
KoreaInformation on item20 117.9-0.72.1-2.8-0.5
MexicoInformation on item5 163.6-7.0-
New ZealandInformation on item101.3-9.70.1-9.81.2
NorwayInformation on item3
SwitzerlandInformation on item7 737.611.3-0.111.4-0.7
TurkeyInformation on item11 568.6-2.01.9-3.95.3
United StatesInformation on item38 784.6-11.0-4.3-6.70.1
European Union (28 countries)Information on item89 987.0-0.5-6.15.6-0.6
BrazilInformation on item4 092.1-20.4-15.3-5.20.2
China (People's Republic of)Information on item307 394.813.80.013.8-0.2
ColombiaInformation on item3 484.3-0.4-
IndonesiaInformation on item35 969.127.32.524.82.2
KazakhstanInformation on item1 988.165.28.956.30.4
RussiaInformation on item..........
South AfricaInformation on item697.564.
Viet NamInformation on item206.0140.030.9109.1-10.2
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