Time2019Information on item
MeasurePercentageUS Dollar
PSECSE indicatorContibution to change in PSE by countryProducer Support Estimate (PSE)Information on item
% change PSE from the current year to last yearInformation on item% change PSE from the current year to last yearInformation on item
Contribution to change in PSE of Market price supportInformation on itemContribution to change in PSE of Market price supportInformation on itemContribution of change in PSE of budgetary paymentsInformation on item
Contribution to change in PSE of MPS elements (Quantity)
AustraliaInformation on itemInformation on item-14.37Information on item0.00Information on item..Information on item-14.37Information on item795.96
CanadaInformation on itemInformation on item22.83Information on item14.58Information on item-4.36Information on item8.26Information on item4 289.31
ChileInformation on itemInformation on item3.39Information on item-1.70Information on item-1.77Information on item5.09Information on item365.44
ColombiaInformation on itemInformation on item-20.42Information on item-19.16Information on item2.49Information on item-1.26Information on item2 694.93
Costa RicaInformation on itemInformation on item42.14Information on item40.37Information on item5.24Information on item1.77Information on item353.02
IcelandInformation on itemInformation on item2.14Information on item-4.05Information on item0.75Information on item6.19Information on item223.24
IsraelInformation on itemInformation on item4.57Information on item7.61Information on item-4.16Information on item-3.05Information on item1 514.78
JapanInformation on itemInformation on item1.05Information on item2.08Information on item-0.46Information on item-1.04Information on item37 645.17
KoreaInformation on itemInformation on item-8.23Information on item-7.30Information on item1.44Information on item-0.93Information on item20 831.44
MexicoInformation on itemInformation on item-12.96Information on item2.48Information on item0.64Information on item-15.44Information on item5 344.22
New ZealandInformation on itemInformation on item63.32Information on item64.18Information on item3.80Information on item-0.86Information on item139.74
NorwayInformation on itemInformation on item-6.82Information on item-3.22Information on item3.57Information on item-3.60Information on item3 025.64
SwitzerlandInformation on itemInformation on item3.63Information on item-1.54Information on item-0.18Information on item5.17Information on item6 159.83
TurkeyInformation on itemInformation on item-4.76Information on item-6.69Information on item4.30Information on item1.93Information on item6 694.95
United StatesInformation on itemInformation on item6.68Information on item-3.12Information on item-0.06Information on item9.80Information on item48 927.12
European Union (28 countries)Information on itemInformation on item-0.65Information on item-1.57Information on item0.15Information on item0.92Information on item101 251.55
OECD - TotalInformation on itemInformation on item0.12Information on item-1.66Information on item0.25Information on item1.78Information on item231 768.97
ArgentinaInformation on itemInformation on item-61.30Information on item-61.05Information on item3.74Information on item-0.25Information on item-11 738.34
BrazilInformation on itemInformation on item-27.56Information on item-14.57Information on item2.56Information on item-12.99Information on item1 747.24
China (People's Republic of)Information on itemInformation on item4.85Information on item4.22Information on item-82.17Information on item0.63Information on item185 912.67
IndiaInformation on itemInformation on item24.23Information on item-5.84Information on item-1.06Information on item30.08Information on item-23 091.92
IndonesiaInformation on itemInformation on item1.51Information on item2.85Information on item2.62Information on item-1.33Information on item29 387.04
KazakhstanInformation on itemInformation on item20.62Information on item22.80Information on item-14.73Information on item-2.17Information on item490.03
PhilippinesInformation on itemInformation on item-15.13Information on item-15.13Information on item-1.82Information on item0.00Information on item7 326.72
RussiaInformation on itemInformation on item-5.79Information on item-5.88Information on item1.06Information on item0.09Information on item7 943.63
South AfricaInformation on itemInformation on item-3.24Information on item-2.13Information on item-0.82Information on item-1.11Information on item876.44
UkraineInformation on itemInformation on item-20.21Information on item-21.21Information on item-11.85Information on item1.00Information on item560.72
Viet NamInformation on itemInformation on item14.49Information on item12.41Information on item-2.25Information on item2.08Information on item-3 745.17
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