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PSECSE indicatorContribution to change in border price by country
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AustraliaInformation on itemInformation on cell..Information on cell..Information on cell..Information on cell..
CanadaInformation on itemInformation on cell-1.0Information on cell4.8Information on cell-0.2Information on cell5.0
ChileInformation on itemInformation on cell-0.9Information on cell0.3Information on cell-1.1Information on cell1.4
IcelandInformation on itemInformation on cell-1.0Information on cell-0.3Information on cell1.3Information on cell-1.6
IsraelInformation on itemInformation on cell-2.0Information on cell0.8Information on cell-0.1Information on cell0.9
JapanInformation on itemInformation on cell0.8Information on cell14.9Information on cell-1.7Information on cell16.6
KoreaInformation on itemInformation on cell-1.0Information on cell-10.5Information on cell-2.6Information on cell-7.9
MexicoInformation on itemInformation on cell-3.7Information on cell-18.9Information on cell1.5Information on cell-20.4
New ZealandInformation on itemInformation on cell-9.8Information on cell4.0Information on cell2.7Information on cell1.3
NorwayInformation on itemInformation on cell0.5Information on cell1.9Information on cell-1.7Information on cell3.6
SwitzerlandInformation on itemInformation on cell-1.0Information on cell-0.5Information on cell-0.7Information on cell0.2
TurkeyInformation on itemInformation on cell4.2Information on cell37.8Information on cell33.3Information on cell4.5
United StatesInformation on itemInformation on cell-6.5Information on cell-12.5Information on cell0.0Information on cell-12.5
European Union (28 countries)Information on itemInformation on cell1.9Information on cell-3.8Information on cell-4.3Information on cell0.5
OECD - TotalInformation on cell-0.1Information on cell4.4Information on cell1.4Information on cell3.0
ArgentinaInformation on itemInformation on cell107.6Information on cell74.0Information on cell70.6Information on cell3.4
BrazilInformation on itemInformation on cell4.5Information on cell5.1Information on cell13.9Information on cell-8.8
China (People's Republic of)Information on itemInformation on cell-1.0Information on cell3.1Information on cell-2.0Information on cell5.1
ColombiaInformation on itemInformation on cell-0.3Information on cell-6.9Information on cell0.2Information on cell-7.1
Costa RicaInformation on itemInformation on cell-4.9Information on cell1.7Information on cell1.7Information on cell0.0
IndiaInformation on itemInformation on cell5.6Information on cell5.5Information on cell5.1Information on cell0.5
KazakhstanInformation on itemInformation on cell3.0Information on cell0.0Information on cell3.6Information on cell-3.6
PhilippinesInformation on itemInformation on cell17.5Information on cell10.4Information on cell4.6Information on cell5.7
RussiaInformation on itemInformation on cell-2.2Information on cell-10.1Information on cell7.0Information on cell-17.2
South AfricaInformation on itemInformation on cell-11.7Information on cell-24.5Information on cell-0.4Information on cell-24.1
UkraineInformation on itemInformation on cell0.3Information on cell-8.3Information on cell2.1Information on cell-10.4
Viet NamInformation on itemInformation on cell25.6Information on cell-34.3Information on cell1.1Information on cell-35.4
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