Time2018Information on item
MeasurePercentageUS Dollar
PSECSE indicatorContibution to change in PSE by countryProducer Support Estimate (PSE)Information on item
% change PSE from the current year to last yearInformation on itemContribution of change in PSE of budgetary paymentsInformation on itemContribution to change in PSE of Market price supportInformation on itemContribution to change in PSE of MPS elements (Quantity)
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AustraliaInformation on itemInformation on cell2.8Information on cell2.8Information on cell0.0Information on cell..Information on cell1 095.0
CanadaInformation on itemInformation on cell2.7Information on cell10.8Information on cell-8.1Information on cell1.5Information on cell4 198.5
ChileInformation on itemInformation on cell-7.5Information on cell-6.2Information on cell-1.3Information on cell0.8Information on cell385.4
IcelandInformation on itemInformation on cell-2.1Information on cell-4.1Information on cell1.9Information on cell2.5Information on cell251.4
IsraelInformation on itemInformation on cell7.8Information on cell-0.7Information on cell8.4Information on cell-2.6Information on cell1 611.2
JapanInformation on itemInformation on cell-2.9Information on cell-1.5Information on cell-1.3Information on cell-0.3Information on cell41 819.3
KoreaInformation on itemInformation on cell6.0Information on cell-3.2Information on cell9.2Information on cell3.0Information on cell25 418.5
MexicoInformation on itemInformation on cell10.5Information on cell3.9Information on cell6.6Information on cell-0.6Information on cell4 804.3
New ZealandInformation on itemInformation on cell-44.3Information on cell-1.9Information on cell-42.4Information on cell1.1Information on cell88.3
NorwayInformation on itemInformation on cell8.9Information on cell8.5Information on cell0.4Information on cell-0.2Information on cell3 609.1
SwitzerlandInformation on itemInformation on cell3.5Information on cell-0.1Information on cell3.6Information on cell0.7Information on cell6 694.9
TurkeyInformation on itemInformation on cell-17.3Information on cell3.9Information on cell-21.2Information on cell2.9Information on cell8 029.8
United StatesInformation on itemInformation on cell31.0Information on cell23.6Information on cell7.5Information on cell1.0Information on cell44 307.9
European Union (28 countries)Information on itemInformation on cell5.8Information on cell0.8Information on cell5.0Information on cell0.0Information on cell110 313.9
OECD - TotalInformation on cell6.5Information on cell3.7Information on cell2.8Information on cell0.6Information on cell246 686.9
ArgentinaInformation on itemInformation on cell..Information on cell2.0Information on cell-369.5Information on cell-66.6Information on cell-9 274.7
BrazilInformation on itemInformation on cell-36.3Information on cell-31.2Information on cell-5.1Information on cell3.9Information on cell2 292.2
China (People's Republic of)Information on itemInformation on cell-4.2Information on cell2.0Information on cell-6.2Information on cell0.1Information on cell206 474.1
ColombiaInformation on itemInformation on cell32.7Information on cell-4.0Information on cell36.7Information on cell0.3Information on cell3 651.3
Costa RicaInformation on itemInformation on cell-2.5Information on cell1.2Information on cell-3.7Information on cell1.2Information on cell250.4
IndiaInformation on itemInformation on cell-20.4Information on cell11.1Information on cell-31.5Information on cell0.7Information on cell-28 329.6
KazakhstanInformation on itemInformation on cell74.5Information on cell20.1Information on cell54.5Information on cell4.0Information on cell784.7
PhilippinesInformation on itemInformation on cell25.8Information on cell1.2Information on cell24.6Information on cell0.0Information on cell8 327.1
RussiaInformation on itemInformation on cell7.6Information on cell-3.0Information on cell10.6Information on cell2.5Information on cell10 004.9
South AfricaInformation on itemInformation on cell26.3Information on cell1.9Information on cell24.5Information on cell8.1Information on cell761.0
UkraineInformation on itemInformation on cell72.7Information on cell-4.3Information on cell77.0Information on cell-2.8Information on cell-212.8
Viet NamInformation on itemInformation on cell..Information on cell-4.5Information on cell-1 105.8Information on cell-93.1Information on cell-5 185.5
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