Time rangeLatest available yearInformation on item
TransactionInformation on item
SectorNational aggregates
Form of the StateIncome GroupCountry
Federal StateHigh incomeEuropeAustriaInformation on item2 107.0
BelgiumInformation on item605.0
GermanyInformation on item11 471.0
SpainInformation on item8 191.0
SwitzerlandInformation on item2 248.0
Latin AmericaArgentinaInformation on item2 301.0
Asia PacificAustraliaInformation on item570.0
North AmericaCanadaInformation on item3 972.0
United States of AmericaInformation on item38 960.0
Upper middle incomeEuropeBosnia and HerzegovinaInformation on item154.0
Latin AmericaBrazilInformation on item5 597.0
MexicoInformation on item2 511.0
Euro-AsiaRussian FederationInformation on item22 410.0
AfricaSouth AfricaInformation on item266.0
Asia PacificMalaysiaInformation on item167.0
Lower middle incomeAfricaNigeriaInformation on item811.0
Asia PacificIndiaInformation on item267 464.0
Low incomeAfricaEthiopiaInformation on item927.0
Asia PacificNepalInformation on item760.0
UnitaryHigh incomeEuropeCroatiaInformation on item577.0
CyprusInformation on item380.0
Czech RepublicInformation on item6 272.0
DenmarkInformation on item103.0
EstoniaInformation on item79.0
FinlandInformation on item312.0
FranceInformation on item35 476.0
GreeceInformation on item338.0
HungaryInformation on item3 197.0
IcelandInformation on item74.0
IrelandInformation on item31.0
ItalyInformation on item7 980.0
LatviaInformation on item119.0
LithuaniaInformation on item60.0
LuxembourgInformation on item102.0
MaltaInformation on item68.0
NetherlandsInformation on item392.0
NorwayInformation on item440.0
PolandInformation on item2 874.0
PortugalInformation on item310.0
SloveniaInformation on item212.0
Slovak RepublicInformation on item2 938.0
SwedenInformation on item311.0
United KingdomInformation on item420.0
Latin AmericaChileInformation on item361.0
PanamaInformation on item78.0
UruguayInformation on item131.0
Middle East & West AsiaIsraelInformation on item257.0
Asia PacificJapanInformation on item1 788.0
KoreaInformation on item243.0
New ZealandInformation on item78.0
Upper middle incomeEuropeBulgariaInformation on item265.0
RomaniaInformation on item3 223.0
AlbaniaInformation on item73.0
Republic of North MacedoniaInformation on item81.0
MontenegroInformation on item23.0
SerbiaInformation on item176.0
Latin AmericaColombiaInformation on item1 134.0
Costa RicaInformation on item81.0
Dominican RepublicInformation on item159.0
EcuadorInformation on item245.0
GuatemalaInformation on item340.0
JamaicaInformation on item14.0
ParaguayInformation on item274.0
PeruInformation on item1 891.0
Middle East & West AsiaJordanInformation on item113.0
TürkiyeInformation on item1 470.0
Euro-AsiaArmeniaInformation on item502.0
KazakhstanInformation on item7 169.0
AzerbaijanInformation on item1 608.0
BelarusInformation on item1 325.0
AfricaBotswanaInformation on item16.0
MauritiusInformation on item143.0
NamibiaInformation on item71.0
Asia PacificChinaInformation on item3 216.0
ThailandInformation on item2 517.0
Lower middle incomeEuropeKosovoInformation on item38.0
Latin AmericaBoliviaInformation on item352.0
El SalvadorInformation on item262.0
HondurasInformation on item298.0
NicaraguaInformation on item155.0
Middle East & West AsiaPalestinian AuthorityInformation on item456.0
Euro-AsiaGeorgiaInformation on item74.0
KyrgyzstanInformation on item484.0
Republic of MoldovaInformation on item960.0
UkraineInformation on item11 733.0
UzbekistanInformation on item215.0
AfricaAngolaInformation on item181.0
CameroonInformation on item370.0
Cabo VerdeInformation on item22.0
GhanaInformation on item254.0
Ivory CoastInformation on item234.0
KenyaInformation on item47.0
MauritaniaInformation on item233.0
MoroccoInformation on item1 625.0
EswatiniInformation on item68.0
TunisiaInformation on item374.0
ZambiaInformation on item103.0
Asia PacificBangladeshInformation on item5 930.0
CambodiaInformation on item1 856.0
IndonesiaInformation on item83 892.0
MongoliaInformation on item2 081.0
PhilippinesInformation on item43 761.0
Sri LankaInformation on item350.0
VietnamInformation on item11 938.0
Low incomeEuro-AsiaTajikistanInformation on item438.0
AfricaBeninInformation on item77.0
Burkina FasoInformation on item364.0
BurundiInformation on item119.0
GuineaInformation on item350.0
MadagascarInformation on item1 723.0
MalawiInformation on item35.0
MaliInformation on item763.0
MozambiqueInformation on item64.0
NigerInformation on item262.0
RwandaInformation on item30.0
SenegalInformation on item602.0
Sierra LeoneInformation on item22.0
ChadInformation on item483.0
TogoInformation on item160.0
United Republic of TanzaniaInformation on item169.0
UgandaInformation on item169.0
ZimbabweInformation on item102.0
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