This platform and its APIs have reached their end of life and will be switched-off at the end of May 2024.

Data are not updated anymore. We invite you to use instead our new data dissemination platform OECD Data Explorer.

To find the corresponding OECD Data Explorer dataset, see this Excel file.


BRIICS and OECD + non-member economy aggregations are no longer published

This dataset has been migrated to our new data dissemination platform OECD Data Explorer. You can now access it from here

MeasureInformation on itemLevel, ratio or index
AustraliaPercentageInformation on item5.
AustriaPercentageInformation on item6.
BelgiumPercentageInformation on item6.
CanadaPercentageInformation on item7.
ChilePercentageInformation on item8.97.9..
ColombiaPercentageInformation on item13.811.210.210.610.09.610.510.
Costa RicaPercentageInformation on item16.412.28.910.
CzechiaPercentageInformation on item2.
DenmarkPercentageInformation on item5.
EstoniaPercentageInformation on item6.
FinlandPercentageInformation on item7.
FrancePercentageInformation on item7.
GermanyInformation on itemPercentageInformation on item3.
GreecePercentageInformation on item14.812.510.711.411.110.59.310.910.810.810.410.
HungaryPercentageInformation on item4.
IcelandPercentageInformation on item6.
IrelandPercentageInformation on item6.
IsraelInformation on itemPercentageInformation on item5.03.8..
ItalyPercentageInformation on item9.
JapanPercentageInformation on item2.
KoreaPercentageInformation on item3.
LithuaniaPercentageInformation on item7.
LatviaPercentageInformation on item7.
LuxembourgPercentageInformation on item5.
MexicoPercentageInformation on item4.
NetherlandsPercentageInformation on item4.
New ZealandPercentageInformation on item3.83.3..
NorwayPercentageInformation on item4.
PolandPercentageInformation on item3.
PortugalPercentageInformation on item6.
Slovak RepublicPercentageInformation on item6.
SloveniaPercentageInformation on item4.
SpainPercentageInformation on item14.812.912.112.812.011.911.811.911.912.011.911.911.911.811.7..
SwedenPercentageInformation on item8.
SwitzerlandPercentageInformation on item5.14.3..
TürkiyePercentageInformation on item12.010.5..
United KingdomPercentageInformation on item4.53.7..3.9
United StatesPercentageInformation on item5.
Data extracted on 23 Apr 2024 17:58 UTC (GMT) from OECD.Stat


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