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Face value
Facilities-based service supplier (or operator)
Facsimile devices (FAX)
Factor cost
Factor incomes
Factor reversal test
Factory gate price
Failed edit
Failed edit graph
Failing firm
FAIR Act, 1996
Fair value - IMF
Fair value - OECD
Fallowing - OECD
Fallowing - UN
Family cash benefits
Family within the household
Family-based settlers
Farm financial resources
Farm gate price
Farm Security and Rural Investment (FSRI) Act, 2002 (United States)
Fatal edit
Fatal errors
Fatal occupational injury
Feasible region
Federal Milk Marketing Orders (FMMO)
Feerd-Hastly Method
Fellegi-factor check
Fellegi-Holt systems, tenets, principles
Fertility rates, Total
Field capacity
Field of study (in education statistics)
FIFO (first-in-first- out)
Fighting brand
File format
File transfer protocol (FTP)
Film Optical Sensing Device for Input to Computers (FOSDIC)
Final average earnings
Final consumption
Final consumption expenditure of government
Final consumption expenditure of households
Final consumption expenditure of non-profit institutions serving households
Final earnings scheme
Final expenditure
Final expenditure price index (FEPI)
Final maturity date
Final products
Final salary scheme
Final use quadrant
Finance companies
Financial accelerators
Financial account – ESA
Financial account – SNA
Financial agencies
Financial aid to students
Financial assets
Financial auxiliaries
Financial claims
Financial control
Financial corporations
Financial credit
Financial derivative intermediaries
Financial derivatives
Financial enterprises
Financial guarantee corporations
Financial Instrument for Fisheries Guidance (FIFG)
Financial intermediaries
Financial intermediation
Financial intermediation services indirectly measured (FISIM)
Financial lease – BPM
Financial lease – SNA
Financial leasing companies
Financial liability
Financial management
Financial policies
Financial sector
Financial Sector Assessment Program (FSAP)
Financial Soundness Indicators (FSIs)
Financial Stability Forum (FSF)
Financial statement
Financial statement assertion
Financial statistics
Financial system
Financial transactions – BPM
Financial transactions – SNA
Financing of national environmental protection expenditure
Findings (audit)
Fine-tuning operation
Finished goods, inventories of
Finite population
First-generation students
First-in-first-out (FIFO)
First-order auto-correlation
Fiscal consolidation
Fiscal drag
Fiscal operations
Fiscal sustainability
Fiscal transparency
Fish farming
Fish stock
Fisher type PPP
Fisher’s Ideal Index (price)
Fisher’s Ideal Index (volume)
Fishery Committee for the Eastern Central Atlantic (CECAF)
Fishing community
Fishing effort
Fishing rights / licences
FISIM (financial intermediation services indirectly measured)
Fixed assets – ESA
Fixed assets – SNA
Fixed base index
Fixed basket
Fixed basket price index
Fixed basket test
Fixed constraint check
Fixed costs
Fixed place of work outside the home
Fixed rate bond
Fixed sample
Fixed weight price index
Fixed-input output price index (FIOPI)
Fixed-output input price index (FOIPI)
Fixed-rate bond
Fixed-weighted price index
Flag of convenience countries
Flag state
Flag state (for fishing vessel)
Flat Rate Internet Access Call Origination (FRIACO)
Flat rate scheme
Flat wagon
Flexible inputs
Flexible policy measures
Flip-flop floating rate note (FRN)
Floating-rate notes (FRNs)
Floor area
Floppy disk
Flow rescheduling
Flow series / data
Flows in real terms
Flows of ecosystem inputs
Flows of natural resources
Flows of residuals
Fob price
Focus group
Foetal death rate
Follow-up survey (or multi-round survey or multi-phase survey)
Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO)
Food balance sheet
Food chain
Food security
Food web
Foot and mouth disease
Forecasting errors
Foreclosure of competition
Foreign affiliate
Foreign Affiliates Trade in Services (FATS)
Foreign assets
Foreign bank
Foreign bond
Foreign border workers
Foreign business travellers
Foreign controlled corporations (non- financial and financial)
Foreign currency
Foreign currency linked derivatives
Foreign currency transactions (banking)
Foreign diplomatic and consular personnel
Foreign direct investment
Foreign direct investment enterprise
Foreign exchange companies
Foreign exchange rate
Foreign exchange reserves
Foreign exchange swap
Foreign excursionists
Foreign inland waterways transport ( IWT) vessel
Foreign Interest Payment Security (FIPS)
Foreign key
Foreign migrant workers
Foreign military personnel
Foreign parent group
Foreign population of a country
Foreign retirees (as settlers)
Foreign road vehicle
Foreign settlers
Foreign students
Foreign subsidiary
Foreign tourists
Foreign trainees
Foreign-born population of a country
Foreigners admitted for family formation or reunification
Foreigners admitted for humanitarian reasons (other than asylum proper or temporary protection)
Foreigners admitted for settlement
Foreigners granted temporary protected status
Foreigners having the right to free establishment
Foreigners in transit
Foreigners seeking asylum
Foreigners whose entry or stay is not sanctioned
Foreigners whose status is regularised
Foreseen obsolescence
Forest account for timber
Forest age structure
Forest estate
Forest health
Forested land
Forested land available for wood supply
Forested land not available for wood supply
Form of representation
Formal edit
Formal identifier
Forward contract
Forward exchange rate
Forward foreign exchange contracts
Forward rate agreements (FRAs)
Forward type derivatives
Fossil fuels
Fragile States
Frame error
Framework for indicators of sustainable development (FISD)
Framework for the development of environment statistics (FDES)
Free market
Free rider (in foreign trade)
Free rider or riding
Free trade
Free trade area
Frequency array
Frequency distribution
Frequency ratio
Frequency table
Frequency, spectrum / spectrum management
Fuel oil
Full cost pricing
Full coverage survey
Full employment
Full line forcing
Full-time equivalent employment
Full-time equivalent student
Full-time equivalent teacher
Full-time primary / secondary level student
Full-time student
Full-time teacher
Full-time tertiary level student
Fully consolidated system
Functional check
Functional classifications
Functional labour markets
Functional limitation-free life expectancy
Functionally illiterate
Functionally literate
Fund member
Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics
Funded pension plan
Funding (pension plan)
Funding level (pension plan)
Funding plan (pension benefits)
Funding rate
Funding ratio
Funding rules
Futures contracts – BPM
Futures contracts – SNA
Futures market
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