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n,k rule
Name of collection / source used - MetaStore
Naples terms
Narrow money
Nash equilibrium
National inland waterways transport (IWT) vessel
National accountant
National Accounting Matrix with Environmental Accounts (NAMEA)
National accounts
National annual price
National disposable income
National environment
National environmental sphere
National estate
National expenditure
National expenditure on environmental protection
National final expenditures
National income
National inland waterways transport
National language
National numbering agencies (NNAs)
National oil pipeline transport
National ownership
National parks
National private corporations (non- financial and financial)
National rail transport
National Regulatory Authority (NRA)
National resource companies
National road transport
National road vehicle
National schedules (in GATT)
National sea traffic
National statistical institute (NSI)
National statistical office (NSO)
National statistical system (NSS)
National territory
National tourism
National tourism consumption
National treatment (in GATT)
National wealth
Nationality (of an institutional entity)
Native students
Natural assets
Natural capital
Natural forests
Natural gas – CPC
Natural gas - IEA
Natural gas liquids (NGL)
Natural habitat
Natural heritage
Natural increase (in population)
Natural losses
Natural monopoly
Natural patrimony
Natural patrimony accounting
Natural person
Natural pollutant
Natural rate of unemployment
Natural resource accounting
Natural resources
Natural resources exploration
Natural resources management and exploitation activities
Natural selection
Nature of the basic data
Navigable canal
Navigable inland waterway
Navigable inland waterways network
Navigable inland waterways regularly used for transport
Navigable lake
Navigable river
Negative externality
Neo-natal mortality rate
Nested design
Nested hypothesis
Nested sampling
Net (wealth) capital stock
Net above-ground productivity (NAP)
Net accumulation
Net Additions to Stock (NAS)
Net adjusted disposable income
Net annual increment (in forest accounts)
Net borrowing
Net capital stock
Net contact hours of teaching
Net correlation
Net cost criterion
Net domestic product (NDP)
Net equity of households in life insurance reserves and in pension funds
Net fixed capital formation.
Net foreign balance
Net graduation rates
Net income from abroad
Net international investment position
Net lending
Net loan
Net material accumulation in the economic sphere
Net material accumulation in the environmental sphere
Net migration
Net national disposable income
Net national income
Net non-life insurance premiums
Net operating surplus
Net present value
Net present value (NPV) of debt
Net price (Hotelling)
Net price (in environmental accounting)
Net purchases abroad
Net rate of return
Net recordings
Net rent
Net residual flow
Net resource transfer
Net saving
Net sector output
Net value added
Net value of a fixed asset
Net worth
Net-cost (criterion)
Network of samples
Network or facilities
Network sampling
Neuchatel Group
Neuchatel terminology
Neutral holding gain
Neutral holding gain (by non-residents)
New and renewable energy sources
New construction
New Cronos
New economy
New entrants to a level of education - OECD
New entrants to a level of education - UNESCO
New entrants to a level of tertiary education
New goods
New imputation methodology
New orders indicators
New products (in context of innovation)
New school leavers (as captured in labour force surveys)
New-good problem (in prices indices)
Newly Independent States (NIS)
Nitric oxide
Nitrogen fixation
Nitrogen oxide
Nitrogenous oxygen demand (NOD)
Nitrous oxide
No fixed place of work
Noise (Environmental)
Noise (Statistical)
Noise abatement
Noise pollution
Nomenclature of Territorial Units (NUTS)
Nominal catch (in acquatic resources accounts)
Nominal effective exchange rate
Nominal expenditures
Nominal final expenditures
Nominal gross domestic product (GDP)
Nominal holding gain
Nominal holding gain (by non-residents)
Nominal interest
Nominal prices
Nominal Protection Co-efficient (NPC)
Nominal value (of a debt instrument)
Nominal values
Nominal wage index
Nominal wages (annual averages of hourly, daily, weekly or monthly wages)
Non sector allocable aid
Non-autonomous pension funds
Non-bank trade related credits
Non-bank trade related credits, short-term
Non-competitive services
Non-compulsory curriculum
Non-consolidated debt
Non-contributory pension scheme
Non-cultivated biological resources
Non-debt liabilities
Non-deductible value added tax (VAT)
Non-deliverable forward contracts (NDFs)
Non-durable good
Non-financial and financial private corporations
Non-financial and financial public corporations
Non-financial assets
Non-financial corporations
Non-financial quasi-corporations
Non-instructional educational institution - UNESCO
Non-instructional educational institutions - OECD
Non-interview (non-response)
Non-life insurance claims
Non-life insurance premiums
Non-linear correlation
Non-linear edits
Non-linear regression
Non-market nonprofit institutions
Non-market output – other
Non-market producers
Non-market services – NACE
Non-market services – OECD
Non-market transactions
Non-measured activity
Non-measured economy
Non-member economies, OECD
Non-metallic mineral reserves
Non-monetary benefits
Non-monetary gold
Non-monetary transactions
Non-native students
Non-null hypothesis
Non-observation error
Non-observed activity
Non-observed economy (NOE)
Non-official language
Non-parametric tolerance limits
Non-participating preferred shares
Non-point source of pollution
Non-price predation
Non-probability sample
Non-probability sampling
Non-produced assets
Non-profit institutions (NPIs)
Non-profit institutions controlled and mainly financed by government
Non-profit institutions engaged in market production
Non-profit institutions engaged in non-market production
Non-profit institutions serving households (NPISHs)
Non-public (private) network
Non-random sample
Non-recourse loan (United States)
Non-renewable natural resources
Non-repayable margins
Non-resident, non- national tertiary level student
Non-residential buildings – ESA
Non-residential buildings – UN
Non-response bias
Non-response errors
Non-response rate
Non-salary compensation
Non-sampling error
Non-tariff barriers
Non-tariff measures
Non-trade concerns
Non-traded debt
Non-use benefit (existence benefit)
Non-voting stocks
Non-wage benefits
Non-wage labour cost
Normal accidental damage
Normal form of conflict rule
Normal hours of work
Normal obsolescence
Normal pension age
Normal retirement age
Normal workdays
Normalisation (composite leading indicators)
North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)
North Atlantic Marine Mammal Commission (NAMMCO)
North Pacific Marine Sciences Organisation (PICES)
North-east Atlantic Fisheries Commission (NEAFC)
Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organisation (NAFO)
Not currently active population
Not seasonally adjusted
Note issuance facilities (NIF) – SNA
Note issuance facility (NIF) – IMF
Notional (nominal) amount of a financial derivatives contract
NPIs (non-profit institutions)
NPISH final consumption expenditure
NPISHs (non-profit institutions serving households)
Nuclear household
Nuclear power plant
Nuclear waste pollution
Nuclear winter
Nuisance tariff
Null hypothesis
Nullification and impairment
Number of employees in full-time equivalent units
Number of hours worked
Number of persons employed (Eurostat)
Number of seats / berths in motor coaches, buses and trolleybuses
Number raised estimation
Numeric variable
Nutrient cycle
NUTS classification
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