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General government agencies that are resident of an economy include all departments, establishment, and bodies located in the economic territory of an economy’s central, state, and local governments and embassies, consulates, military establishments, and other entities which are located elsewhere, of an economy’s general government.

The general government of an economy covers all unclassified agencies of the public authorities. Such agencies include: government departments, offices, and other bodies that engage the administration, defence and regulation of the public order; promotion of economic growth, welfare and technological development; and provision of education, health, cultural, recreational, and other social and community services free of charge or at sales prices that do not cover most or all the costs of production.

Also included are other non-profit organizations serving individuals or business enterprises that are wholly, or mainly, financed and controlled by the public authorities and non-profit organisations primarily serving government bodies.

Source Publication:
BPM paras. 85-86.

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General government - SNA


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Created on Tuesday, September 25, 2001

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