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French Equivalent: Accord de Berlin

The Berlin Agreement is the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform package to which European Union heads of state agreed in March 1999. Beginning in 2000, the package reduces price supports and increases direct payments for cereals and beef, while lowering oilseed direct payments (by harmonising them with cereal payments) and raising the milk quota. Dairy support price reductions and the introduction of new dairy direct payments are delayed until 2005, along with a second round of milk quota increase. Like the initial proposal by the European Commission which was not accepted, the agreement is often referred to as Agenda 2000.

Source Publication:
OECD Agricultural Outlook: 2001-2006, OECD, 2001, Annex II – Glossary of Terms.

Cross References:
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Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)

Statistical Theme: Agriculture and fisheries statistics - Agricultural policy indicators

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