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French Equivalent: Contrainte

Specification of what may be contained in a data or metadata set in terms of the content or, for data only, in terms of the set of key combinations to which specific attributes (defined by the data structure) may be attached.

A constraint in a set of data is a limitation imposed by external conditions, e.g. that a number of variate values shall have zero mean, or that the sum of frequencies in a set of classes shall be a prescribed constant.

A Dictionary of Statistical Terms, 5th edition, prepared for the International Statistical Institute by F.H.C. Marriott. Published for the International Statistical Institute by Longman Scientific and Technical.

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Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange (SDMX) - BIS, ECB, Eurostat, IBRD, IMF, OECD and UNSD - Metadata Common Vocabulary.

Statistical Theme: Methodological information (metadata)

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