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Employment related income includes all the payments, in cash, in kind or in services, which are received, over a given reference period, by individuals for themselves or in respect of their family members, by virtue of their involvement in current or former paid employment jobs.

The concept of “employment-related income” is much broader in scope than earnings. In addition to the components of earnings derived from paid-jobs, the Resolution adopted by the 16th International Conference of Labour Statisticians defines employment-related income as including the wage components cited above.

Employment-related income also specifically includes income for self-employment jobs. The concept excludes income unrelated to current or former employment, such as property income, income attributed to private insurance policy holders, and social benefits received without regard to the employment status. The definition applies equally to person currently in paid employment, retirees, and the unemployed.

Source Publication:
16th International Conference of Labour Statisticians, Resolution concerning the measurement of employment-related income, October 1998, para. 5.

Cross References:
Earnings (wages and salaries) – ILO

Statistical Theme: Labour statistics - Labour compensation statistics

Created on Friday, July 19, 2002

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