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Those organisations in the executive branch that co-ordinate the activities of, and provide guidance to the operating ministries and agencies. Practice vary widely from country to country, but central agencies are generally regarded as including:

- the Ministry of Finance;
- the Cabinet Office, or the ministry assisting the Prime Minister or the Council of Ministers in the development and co-ordination of policy;
- the ministry or agency responsible for developing and co-ordinating policies in relation to human resource management within the public sector;
- the Supreme Audit Institution; and
- the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in certain areas of work such as policy on European integration.

Source Publication:
Effects of European Union Accession, Part 1: Budgeting and Financial Control, OECD SIGMA Paper No. 19, March 1998, Appendix 3: List of Useful Terms.

Statistical Theme: Public management

Created on Tuesday, August 6, 2002

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