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French Equivalent: Dépenses directes au titre des établissements d'enseignement

Direct expenditure on educational institutions are purchases by a government agency of educational resources to be used by educational institutions (e.g., direct payments of teachers’ salaries by a central or regional education ministry, direct payments by a municipality to building contractors for the construction of school buildings, and procurement of textbooks by a central or regional authority for subsequent distribution to local authorities or schools) and payments by a government agency to educational institutions that have the responsibility for purchasing educational resources themselves (e.g., a government appropriation or block grant to a university, which the university then uses to pay staff salaries and to buy other resources; government allocations of funds to fiscally autonomous public schools; government subsidies to private schools; and government payments under contract to private companies conducting educational research).

Direct expenditure by a government agency does not include tuition payments received from students (or their families) enrolled in public schools under that agency’s jurisdiction, even if the tuition payments flow, in the first instance, to the government agency rather than to the institution in question.

Source Publication:
Education at a Glance, OECD, Paris, 2002, Glossary.

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