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An analytical framework describes the conceptual system of definitions and classifications of the related data.

In the context of SDDS "analytical framework" consists of the following components:

1. International / Supranational guidelines: identifies the standardized system of definitions and classifications applied for analytical purposes with regard to the conceptual framework and organization of the related transactions data. (e.g., national accounts: System of National Accounts, U.N. 1993; government operations: A Manual on Government Finance Statistics, IMF, 2001; balance of payments: Balance of Payments Manual, IMF, 1993).

2. Specificities of national practice: describes how concepts, definitions, and classifications for the national data aggregates disseminated deviate from those contained in relevant international or regional standards and/or guidelines.

Source Publication:
Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange (SDMX) – BIS, ECB, Eurostat, IBRD, IMF, OECD and UNSD – Metadata Common Vocabulary + unstats.un.org.

Cross References:
Special Data Dissemination Standard (SDDS)


Statistical Theme: Methodological information (metadata)

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