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Earnings (wages and salaries) is the concept of earnings as applied in wages statistics, relates to remuneration in cash and in kind paid employees for time worked or work done together with remuneration for time not worked, such as annual vacation and other paid leave or holidays.

Earnings exclude employers’ contributions in respect of their employees paid to social security and pension schemes and also the benefits received by employees under these schemes. Earnings also exclude severance and termination pay.

Source Publication:
International Labour Organization (ILO) Resolutions Concerning an Integrated System of Wages Statistics Adopted by the 12th International Conference of Labour Statisticians, October 1973, para. 8.

Cross References:
Earnings (wages and salaries) – UN


Version Indicator: ILO

Statistical Theme: Labour statistics - Labour compensation statistics

Created on Tuesday, September 25, 2001

Last updated on Tuesday, May 21, 2002