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ScenarioInformation on item
Unit, Billions
Country group
East and Northeast Asia35.7040.5165.5968.66118.70283.34486.23
Latin America and the Caribbean21.3524.4231.1433.6241.0775.58131.19
Middle East and North Africa18.3618.4530.4531.5245.3087.50145.98
Southeast Asia6.477.3611.2211.7518.7942.2894.89
Sub-Saharan Africa1.411.542.242.343.609.0819.76
South and Southwest Asia6.657.7812.6513.2323.3363.25137.25
Transition economies and other Asia Pacific3.253.575.545.798.2817.1223.87
United States of America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand153.98175.56249.65278.15383.64735.751 275.08
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