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VariableArea built-up before
UnitSquare kilometres
Metropolitan area
TOTAL: -Total-AUS02: Greater Melbourne1 138.71 222.11 331.0
AUS01: Greater Sydney999.11 070.41 113.9
AUS04: Greater Perth537.4580.2607.9
AUS03: Greater Brisbane416.4479.4510.2
AUS05: Greater Adelaide421.0441.0458.7
AUS07: Canberra107.5115.0121.4
AUS08: Newcastle100.4107.8112.7
AUS06: Gold Coast84.295.399.7
AUS14: Geelong66.871.578.2
AUS13: Townsville45.951.756.4
AUS10: Wollongong48.950.852.6
AUS18: Ballarat34.837.341.2
AUS19: Bendigo36.138.541.1
AUS11: Sunshine Coast30.235.237.8
AUS15: Cairns29.934.537.8
AUS17: Toowoomba17.823.926.0
AUS12: Greater Hobart21.923.023.3
AUS16: Greater Darwin18.418.819.3
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