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Hide subtree Total tax revenue1 654.1411 218.112808.253517.217157.303280.454379.92448.904266.443522.869
Total tax revenueHide subtree 1000 Taxes on income, profits and capital gains1 365.6781 179.105775.322477.266148.265230.676303.291370.852194.437443.34
1000 Taxes on income, profits and capital gainsHide subtree 1100 Of individuals23.17227.65940.1233524.78928.31231.59832.61129.67333.787
1100 Of individualsWages income tax (petroleum and mineral revenue)15.77416.85323.35717.57.419.05913.811.94812.13114.632
Wages income tax (domestic revenue)7.39810.80516.76617.50117.37919.25217.79820.66317.54319.156
1110 On income and profits of individuals0000000000
1120 On capital gains of individuals0000000000
Hide subtree 1200 Corporate1 298.6161 111.537682.518388.08284.579166.699239.88310.454140.132387.275
1200 CorporateCorporate Income Tax758.223608.444377.224211.35537.86564.81110.488120.23330.907192.705
Additional Profit Tax533.919491.288297.302168.25332.85291.166120.034181.483100.171184.979
Income Tax6.47411.8057.9928.47513.86110.7239.3598.7389.0549.591
1210 On profits of corporates0000000000
1220 On capital gains of corporates0000000000
Hide subtree 1300 Unallocable between 1100 and 120043.88939.9152.68254.18438.89735.66531.81227.78724.63122.277
1300 Unallocable between 1100 and 1200Witholding Tax (petroleum and mineral revenue)20.53815.75124.51226.8425.87110.9634.9056.7481.7213.542
Withholding Tax (domestic revenue)23.35224.15928.1727.34233.02624.70226.90721.03922.9118.735
2000 Social security contributions0000000000
3000 Taxes on payroll and workforce0000000000
4000 Taxes on property0000000000
Hide subtree 5000 Taxes on goods and services22.39621.81332.8639.4787.48249.77876.15978.05272.00679.529
5000 Taxes on goods and servicesHide subtree 5100 Taxes on production, sale, transfer, etc22.39621.81332.8639.4787.48249.77876.15978.05272.00679.529
5100 Taxes on production, sale, transfer, etcHide subtree 5110 General taxes22.39621.81332.8639.4787.48217.29428.83625.84722.04427.742
5110 General taxes5111 Value added taxes17.99817.60729.64536.3954.8024.49110.1936.7113.5426.784
Hide subtree 5112 Sales tax4.3984.2053.2153.0832.6812.80318.64319.13518.50220.958
5112 Sales taxService Tax4.3984.2053.2153.0832.682.5153.8533.6653.9645.337
Sales Tax0000010.28814.79115.4714.53815.621
5113 Other0000000000
Hide subtree 5120 Taxes on specific goods and services0000032.48447.32352.20549.96151.787
5120 Taxes on specific goods and services5121 Excises..........23.27334.03438.33336.97237.769
5122 Profits of fiscal monopolies..........00000
5123 Customs and import duties..........9.21113.28913.87212.9914.018
5124 Taxes on exports..........00000
5125 Taxes on investment goods..........00000
5126 Taxes on specific services..........00000
5127 Other taxes on internat. trade and transactions..........00000
5128 Other taxes..........00000
5130 Unallocable between 5110 and 51200000000000
Hide subtree 5200 Taxes on use of goods and perform activities0000000000
5200 Taxes on use of goods and perform activities5210 Recurrent taxes on use of goods and perform activities0000000000
5220 Non-recurrent taxes on use of goods and perform activities0000000000
5300 Unallocable between 5100 and 52000000000000
6000 Other taxes266.06717.1950.070.4721.55600.47000
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