This platform has reached the end of its life and will be switched-off end of March 2024.

The data are not updated anymore. Please use instead our new data dissemination platform OECD Data Explorer.


Please note that this dataset is discontinued. Quarterly early estimates of total economy ULC and its components are available at Unit labour costs and labour productivity (employment based), Total economy

SubjectUnit Labour CostInformation on item
SectorInformation on item
MeasureInformation on item
CountryInformation on item
AustraliaInformation on item0.
AustriaInformation on item0.
BelgiumInformation on item0.
CanadaInformation on item1.
CzechiaInformation on item1.
DenmarkInformation on item1.
EstoniaInformation on item3.
FinlandInformation on item1.
FranceInformation on item0.
GermanyInformation on item0.
GreeceInformation on item1.
HungaryInformation on item1.
IrelandInformation on item0.
ItalyInformation on item0.
JapanInformation on item-
KoreaInformation on item-
LuxembourgInformation on item1.
NetherlandsInformation on item0.
New ZealandInformation on item1.
NorwayInformation on item2.
PolandInformation on item1.
Slovak RepublicInformation on item0.
SloveniaInformation on item1.
SpainInformation on item0.
SwedenInformation on item0.
United KingdomInformation on item0.
United StatesInformation on item0.
G7Information on itemInformation on item0.
OECD - EuropeInformation on item0.
OECD - TotalInformation on item0.
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