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Energy Product CategoryInformation on item
Year2018Information on item
VariablePotential tax base, in kt of CO2Information on itemFuel excise tax, average in EUR/tCO2Information on itemCarbon tax, average in EUR/tCO2Information on itemFuel subsidy, average in EUR/tCO2Information on itemMarginal Permit Price, average in EUR/tCO2Information on itemEffective carbon rate, average in EUR/tCO2Information on item
Taxing Energy Use for Sustainable Development(TEU-SD) CountriesCosta Rica425.390.
Dominican Republic4 154.730.
EgyptInformation on item1 175.800.
Guatemala4 662.590.
Kenya1 832.620.
Morocco21 344.343.
PhilippinesInformation on item65 408.980.350.
Sri Lanka5 979.310.
UruguayInformation on item301.
Simple Arithmetic Average - TEU-SD Countries105 637.420.310.
OECD CountriesSimple Arithmetic Average - OECD3 396 184.391.592.50-0.059.3513.39
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