This platform is switching off on June 19th and we invite you to use the new OECD Data Explorer.

The legacy APIs can still be reached until June 30th but data are not updated.

If you need help to find the corresponding OECD Data Explorer dataset, please see this Excel file.

Sub-central tax ratesSub-central personal allowanceInformation on itemSub-central tax creditInformation on itemRepresentative sub-central rateInformation on itemMinimum sub-central rateInformation on itemMaximum sub-central rateInformation on item
UnitNational currencyNational currencyPercentagePercentagePercentage
CountryLevel of governmentInformation on itemTax baseInformation on item
DenmarkLTYInformation on item....24.9822.8026.30
FinlandTYIInformation on item7 310.00..20.0117.0023.50
Iceland TYInformation on item....14.4512.4414.52
ItalyInformation on item....3.331.733.33
JapanTYsInformation on item430 000.00..10.00....
KoreaCTInformation on item....10.005.0015.00
NorwaySLTYInformation on item....13.350.0013.35
Sweden LInformation on item....32.2428.9835.15
United StatesSTYsInformation on item5 000.00335.994.25....
LInformation on item600.00..2.40....
Data extracted on 12 Jun 2024 04:14 UTC (GMT) from OECD.Stat


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