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Hide subtree 40000: Multilateral Institutions34 911.79317 929.241
40999: Multilateral Institutions, Other..31.839
Hide subtree 41000: United Nations Agencies, Funds and Commissions6 237.94011 994.897
41147: Central Emergency Response Fund548.5168.996
41101: Convention to Combat Desertification8.1300.566
41106: Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific5.2411.336
41105: Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia..1.260
41103: Economic Commission for Africa0.00014.352
41104: Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean..1.523
41301: Food and Agricultural Organisation167.611305.036
41318: Global Mechanism....
41107: International Atomic Energy Agency (Contributions to Technical Cooperation Fund Only)61.8502.223
41312: International Atomic Energy Agency - assessed contributions102.0041.063
41108: International Fund for Agricultural Development374.809238.399
41302: International Labour Organisation - Assessed Contributions183.86548.487
41144: International Labour Organisation - Regular Budget Supplementary Account11.59219.268
41145: International Maritime Organization - Technical Co-operation Fund0.5740.502
41303: International Telecommunications Union10.8350.358
41110: Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS131.1166.645
41305: United Nations365.90258.779
41111: United Nations Capital Development Fund6.67615.679
41122: United Nations Children’s Fund487.1681 749.281
41112: United Nations Conference on Trade and Development..3.764
41142: United Nations Democracy Fund4.2336.473
41310: United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations521.47313.996
41148: United Nations Department of Political Affairs, Trust Fund in Support of Political Affairs8.49922.328
41114: United Nations Development Programme746.7131 652.396
41314: United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (extrabudgetary contributions only)0.7825.352
41304: United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation99.31568.866
41146: United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women107.69377.843
41116: United Nations Environment Programme84.13253.586
41316: United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change68.4734.280
41313: United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (extrabudgetary contributions only)41.20831.136
41120: United Nations Human Settlement Programme1.96775.038
41123: United Nations Industrial Development Organisation49.25112.257
41125: United Nations Institute for Training and Research0.8678.229
41315: United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction3.5625.932
41126: United Nations Mine Action Service6.43817.614
41127: United Nations Office of Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs106.568489.960
41121: United Nations Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees465.5902 124.362
41128: United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime8.64932.457
41311: United Nations Peacebuilding Fund (Window One: Flexible Contributions Only)15.7740.555
41141: United Nations Peacebuilding Fund (Window Two: Restricted Contributions Only)10.5750.000
41119: United Nations Population Fund289.593280.011
41130: United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East414.588610.225
41129: United Nations Research Institute for Social Development0.3142.379
41131: United Nations System Staff College0.7162.415
41132: United Nations System Standing Committee on Nutrition....
41134: United Nations University (including Endowment Fund)10.7989.660
41137: United Nations Voluntary Fund for Technical Co-operation in the Field of Human Rights2.413..
41138: United Nations Voluntary Fund for Victims of Torture0.8840.739
41136: United Nations Voluntary Fund on Disability....
41135: United Nations Volunteers4.32711.069
41306: Universal Postal Union2.326..
41140: World Food Programme327.6532 975.636
41307: World Health Organisation - assessed contributions276.918278.304
41143: World Health Organisation - core voluntary contributions account81.180154.769
41308: World Intellectual Property Organisation0.4903.131
41309: World Meteorological Organisation6.3349.160
41999: United Nations Agencies, Funds and Commissions, Other1.755477.225
Hide subtree 42000: European Union Institutions11 448.672202.930
42001: European Commission - Development Share of Budget8 634.41746.192
42003: European Commission - European Development Fund2 797.94831.957
42004: European Investment Bank16.30726.202
42999: European Union Institutions, Other..98.580
Hide subtree 43000: International Monetary Fund244.78488.734
43006: Catastrophe Containment and Relief Trust..2.076
43005: International Monetary Fund - Post-Catastrophe Debt Relief Trust..42.781
43002: International Monetary Fund - Poverty Reduction and Growth - Heavily Indebted Poor Countries Debt Relief Initiative Trust Fund [includes HIPC, Extended Credit Facility (ECF), and ECF-HIPC sub-accounts]183.100..
43004: International Monetary Fund - Poverty Reduction and Growth - Multilateral Debt Relief Initiative Trust....
43001: International Monetary Fund - Poverty Reduction and Growth Trust59.0211.800
43003: International Monetary Fund - Subsidization of Emergency Post Conflict Assistance/Emergency Assistance for Natural Disasters for PRGT-eligible members....
43999: International Monetary Fund, Other2.66242.077
Hide subtree 44000: World Bank Group6 954.3552 535.127
44006: Advance Market Commitments42.152..
44001: International Bank for Reconstruction and Development432.7781 066.013
44002: International Development Association6 212.426104.306
44003: International Development Association - Heavily Indebted Poor Countries Debt Initiative Trust Fund53.34062.900
44007: International Development Association - Multilateral Debt Relief Initiative205.0440.000
44004: International Finance Corporation3.160201.088
44005: Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency4.733..
44999: World Bank Group, Other0.7211 100.820
Hide subtree 45000: World Trade Organisation26.99129.037
45002: World Trade Organisation - Advisory Centre on WTO Law0.7200.061
45003: World Trade Organisation - Doha Development Agenda Global Trust Fund7.4890.000
45001: World Trade Organisation - International Trade Centre17.05511.123
45999: World Trade Organisation, Other1.72617.852
Hide subtree 46000: Regional Development Banks2 237.890930.428
46002: African Development Bank145.094353.603
46003: African Development Fund988.581..
46022: African Export Import Bank..0.000
46008: Andean Development Corporation0.0000.040
46004: Asian Development Bank186.059254.765
46005: Asian Development Fund681.51614.341
46026: Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank....
46006: Black Sea Trade and Development Bank..101.516
46009: Caribbean Development Bank38.9060.458
46020: Central African States Development Bank....
46007: Central American Bank for Economic Integration..0.000
46024: Council of Europe Development Bank0.0413.054
46023: Eastern and Southern African Trade and Development Bank..0.000
46015: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development..37.013
46018: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development - Early Transition Countries Fund4.902..
46019: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development - Western Balkans Joint Trust Fund..1.127
46017: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development – technical co-operation and special funds (all EBRD countries of operations)....
46016: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development – technical co-operation and special funds (ODA-eligible countries only)13.41317.525
46013: Inter-American Development Bank, Fund for Special Operations108.1920.000
46012: Inter-American Development Bank, Inter-American Investment Corporation and Multilateral Investment Fund65.77543.810
46021: West African Development Bank5.4110.000
46999: Regional Development Banks, Other..103.176
Hide subtree 47000: Other Multilateral Institutions7 761.1622 116.249
47111: Adaptation Fund55.4632.219
47005: African Union (excluding peacekeeping facilities)..14.381
47003: Association of South East Asian Nations: Economic Co-operation4.88129.560
47011: Caribbean Community Secretariat..1.064
47015: CGIAR Fund23.704170.279
47134: Clean Technology Fund467.340..
47138: Council of Europe70.93214.081
47034: Economic Community of West African States..17.338
47122: Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization919.80617.369
47143: Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund4.777..
47129: Global Environment Facility - Least Developed Countries Fund31.390..
47130: Global Environment Facility - Special Climate Change Fund2.297..
47044: Global Environment Facility Trust Fund681.1261.837
47045: Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria2 195.242..
47136: Global Green Growth Institute39.35526.572
41317: Green Climate Fund2 292.1842.219
30010: International drug purchase facility107.782..
47107: International Finance Facility for Immunisation69.590..
47066: International Organisation for Migration30.953642.375
47046: International Organisation of the Francophonie71.95815.602
47144: International Renewable Energy Agency3.69910.415
47078: Multilateral Fund for the Implementation of the Montreal Protocol114.3717.351
47128: Nordic Development Fund7.479..
47142: OPEC Fund for International Development....
47079: Organisation of American States72.82210.688
47131: Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe95.08467.033
47083: Pan-American Health Organisation93.32225.878
47096: Secretariat of the Pacific Community24.50414.510
47089: Southern African Development Community..0.003
47135: Strategic Climate Fund89.440..
47102: World Customs Organisation Fellowship Programme ....
47999: Other Multilateral Institutions, Other191.6611 025.479
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