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Hide subtree Multilateral Institutions41 157.62733 737.523
Multilateral Institutions, Other1.6651 253.592
Hide subtree United Nations Agencies, Fundes and Commissions6 765.23714 519.215
Central Emergency Response Fund434.4920.050
Convention to Combat Desertification 11.5277.602
Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific 2.6857.105
Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia..1.174
Economic Commission for Africa ..15.834
Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean..3.909
Food and Agricultural Organisation160.927571.096
International Atomic Energy Agency (Contributions to Technical Cooperation Fund Only)132.96811.107
International Atomic Energy Agency - assessed contributions71.5640.166
International Fund for Agricultural Development 342.598129.461
International Labour Organisation - Assessed Contributions145.315129.946
International Labour Organisation - Regular Budget Supplementary Account36.93557.959
International Maritime Organization - Technical Co-operation Fund0.9220.396
International Telecommunications Union8.8210.250
Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS 236.44415.760
United Nations373.11389.381
United Nations Capital Development Fund 88.62326.073
United Nations Children’s Fund 623.2812 288.383
United Nations Conference on Trade and Development 3.26811.790
United Nations Democracy Fund11.0943.124
United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations375.23323.151
United Nations Department of Political Affairs, Trust Fund in Support of Political Affairs4.3624.098
United Nations Development Programme 820.0862 156.063
United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (extrabudgetary contributions only)0.1881.800
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation137.08893.986
United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women202.43275.948
United Nations Environment Programme 110.151227.271
United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change 22.28510.560
United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (extrabudgetary contributions only)58.20918.224
United Nations Human Settlement Programme 15.789107.838
United Nations Industrial Development Organisation 79.33071.670
United Nations Institute for Training and Research 0.7623.895
United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction7.08113.700
United Nations Mine Action Service 5.98429.457
United Nations Office of Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs 132.511275.737
United Nations Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees 407.2182 177.806
United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime 19.26978.060
United Nations Peacebuilding Fund (Window One: Flexible Contributions Only)20.622..
United Nations Peacebuilding Fund (Window Two: Restricted Contributions Only)13.6902.789
United Nations Population Fund 487.802262.737
United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East345.326594.648
United Nations Research Institute for Social Development 2.5940.237
United Nations System Staff College 0.4610.266
United Nations System Standing Committee on Nutrition ....
United Nations University (including Endowment Fund) 5.24012.799
United Nations Voluntary Fund for Technical Co-operation in the Field of Human Rights3.511..
United Nations Voluntary Fund for Victims of Torture 6.1920.534
United Nations Voluntary Fund on Disability 0.0760.000
United Nations Volunteers 7.71522.044
Universal Postal Union 1.5030.048
World Food Programme 380.0403 708.436
World Health Organisation - assessed contributions269.679239.399
World Health Organisation - core voluntary contributions account125.044434.247
World Intellectual Property Organisation 0.5692.263
World Meteorological Organisation 3.6319.832
United Nations Agencies, Fundes and Commissions, Other8.989489.109
Hide subtree European Union Institutions12 746.90210 794.824
European Commission - Development Share of Budget8 519.23036.621
European Commission - European Development Fund4 126.0683.266
European Investment Bank 38.39410 629.417
European Union Institutions, Other63.210125.520
Hide subtree International Monetary Fund496.274157.785
International Monetary Fund - Poverty Reduction and Growth - Heavily Indebted Poor Countries Debt Relief Initiative Trust Fund [includes HIPC, Extended Credit Facility (ECF), and ECF-HIPC sub-accounts] 4.316..
International Monetary Fund - Poverty Reduction and Growth - Multilateral Debt Relief Initiative Trust0.2372.070
International Monetary Fund - Poverty Reduction and Growth Trust 441.91136.607
International Monetary Fund - Subsidization of Emergency Post Conflict Assistance/Emergency Assistance for Natural Disasters for PRGT-eligible members..0.250
International Monetary Fund, Other49.809118.859
Hide subtree World Bank Group9 433.8524 263.454
Advance Market Commitments74.808..
International Bank for Reconstruction and Development 734.9012 063.367
International Development Association 7 621.701134.344
International Development Association - Heavily Indebted Poor Countries Debt Initiative Trust Fund 569.92926.613
International Development Association - Multilateral Debt Relief Initiative324.62838.091
International Finance Corporation 11.546247.382
Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency ..30.161
World Bank Group, Other96.3411 723.496
Hide subtree World Trade Organisation49.94817.082
World Trade Organisation - Advisory Centre on WTO Law1.8541.162
World Trade Organisation - Doha Development Agenda Global Trust Fund 10.9351.068
World Trade Organisation - International Trade Centre 32.9427.414
World Trade Organisation, Other4.2177.438
Hide subtree Regional Development Banks3 966.481835.986
African Development Bank333.288188.560
African Development Fund 1 711.94828.104
African Export Import Bank..0.000
Andean Development Corporation 135.5130.005
Asian Development Bank471.774374.886
Asian Development Fund 993.0695.133
Black Sea Trade and Development Bank....
Caribbean Development Bank 59.6857.161
Central African States Development Bank....
Central American Bank for Economic Integration ..0.006
Council of Europe Development Bank..2.126
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development0.216106.898
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development - Early Transition Countries Fund3.974..
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development - Western Balkans Joint Trust Fund2.486..
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development – technical co-operation and special funds (all EBRD countries of operations)1.1420.548
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development – technical co-operation and special funds (ODA-eligible countries only)31.2604.428
Inter-American Development Bank, Fund for Special Operations 133.5850.125
Inter-American Development Bank, Inter-American Investment Corporation and Multilateral Investment Fund 88.54149.402
West African Development Bank..5.311
Regional Development Banks, Other..63.293
Hide subtree Other Multilateral Institutions7 697.2681 895.584
African Union (excluding peacekeeping facilities) 1.95058.077
Association of South East Asian Nations: Economic Co-operation 3.47122.995
Caribbean Community Secretariat 0.06626.934
CGIAR Fund173.85840.028
Clean Technology Fund533.3190.000
Council of Europe24.4942.599
Economic Community of West African States 0.0455.139
Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization 930.406118.737
Global Environment Facility - Least Developed Countries Fund211.173..
Global Environment Facility - Special Climate Change Fund48.378..
Global Environment Facility Trust Fund693.9270.017
Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria 3 543.84272.590
Global Green Growth Institute15.3414.839
International drug purchase facility280.727..
International Finance Facility for Immunisation248.798..
International Organisation for Migration 39.204610.443
International Organisation of the Francophonie79.85510.736
Multilateral Fund for the Implementation of the Montreal Protocol 111.4250.314
Nordic Development Fund25.740..
Organisation of American States 16.87728.491
Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe91.60822.778
Pan-American Health Organisation 11.39824.932
Secretariat of the Pacific Community 8.07241.528
Southern African Development Community 0.02023.878
Strategic Climate Fund94.919..
Other Multilateral Institutions, Other508.355780.528
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