Please refer to the dataset Government expenditure by function (COFOG), 2019 archive to access longer time series based on the methodology prior to the 2019 benchmark revisions.

CountryInformation on item
MeasureCurrent prices
UnitAustralian Dollar, Millions
TransactionInformation on item
Hide subtree TLYCG: Total government expenditureInformation on item564 540.0583 487.0600 814.0
TLYCG: Total government expenditureP3CG: Final consumption expenditureInformation on item276 431.0288 128.0303 460.0
D1CG: Total compensation of employees paid by the governmentInformation on item152 340.0156 959.0165 157.0
D3CG: SubsidiesInformation on item24 617.022 044.022 483.0
D4CG: Property income (consolidated S13)Information on item35 436.037 815.038 154.0
D62_D631XXCG: Social benefits & transfers in kind - purchased market production, payableInformation on item172 866.0179 841.0133 074.0
Hide subtree P2_D29D5D8CG: Intermediate cons. +Other taxes on prod. +Current taxes on income +Information on item102 772.0106 854.0111 254.0
P2_D29D5D8CG: Intermediate cons. +Other taxes on prod. +Current taxes on income +P2CG: Intermediate consumptionInformation on item102 772.0106 854.0111 254.0
D29D5D8CG: Other taxes on prod. +Current taxes on income + pension adj.Information on item0.00.00.0
D7CG: Other current transfers (consolidated S13)Information on item40 650.043 080.041 922.0
D9CG: Capital transfers (consolidated S13)Information on item7 102.06 320.05 840.0
Hide subtree P5_K2CG: Gross capital formation and acq. less disposals of non-fin. non-prod.assetsInformation on item47 279.047 364.050 246.0
P5_K2CG: Gross capital formation and acq. less disposals of non-fin. non-prod.assetsP5CG: Gross capital formationInformation on item46 339.046 479.047 936.0
K2CG: Acquisitions less disposals of non-financial non-produced assetsInformation on item941.0885.02 309.0
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