Overall measureEarnings qualityLabour market insecurityQuality of the working environment
ComponentsEarnings quality (in constant prices, at constant PPPs)Information on itemLabour market insecurityInformation on itemJob StrainInformation on item
UnitUS DollarPercentagePercentage
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AustraliaInformation on cell20.84Information on cell3.48..
AustriaInformation on cell20.89Information on cell2.12Information on cell32.82
BelgiumInformation on cell26.98Information on cell2.91Information on cell34.44
CanadaInformation on cell18.51Information on cell4.21..
Czech RepublicInformation on cell8.43Information on cell3.83Information on cell32.44
DenmarkInformation on cell28.26Information on cell3.93Information on cell17.49
EstoniaInformation on cell6.70Information on cell13.77Information on cell31.75
FinlandInformation on cell20.42Information on cell3.05Information on cell19.45
FranceInformation on cell19.92Information on cell4.00Information on cell38.00
GermanyInformation on itemInformation on cell23.18Information on cell2.95Information on cell31.75
GreeceInformation on cell11.41Information on cell11.07Information on cell46.85
HungaryInformation on cell7.02Information on cell8.73Information on cell40.97
IcelandInformation on cell19.26Information on cell2.65..
IrelandInformation on cell19.26Information on cell7.04Information on cell25.34
IsraelInformation on itemInformation on cell8.37Information on cell5.27..
ItalyInformation on cell18.95Information on cell6.34Information on cell33.97
JapanInformation on cell15.73Information on cell3.38..
KoreaInformation on cell9.44Information on cell2.55..
LuxembourgInformation on cell28.67Information on cell1.41Information on cell29.88
MexicoInformation on cell3.88Information on cell5.75..
NetherlandsInformation on cell29.18Information on cell1.71Information on cell22.80
New ZealandInformation on cell15.85Information on cell5.60..
NorwayInformation on cell26.32Information on cell1.32Information on cell17.05
PolandInformation on cell7.37Information on cell8.92Information on cell33.19
PortugalInformation on cell9.37Information on cell9.10Information on cell28.87
Slovak RepublicInformation on cell8.03Information on cell11.64Information on cell33.89
SloveniaInformation on cell14.40Information on cell3.75Information on cell34.55
SpainInformation on cell16.63Information on cell13.68Information on cell38.98
SwedenInformation on cell19.01Information on cell4.93Information on cell21.69
SwitzerlandInformation on cell26.25Information on cell1.44..
TurkeyInformation on cell5.61Information on cell11.26Information on cell59.38
United KingdomInformation on cell17.89Information on cell4.69Information on cell28.52
United StatesInformation on cell17.35Information on cell6.29..
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