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MeasureLevel, rate or quantity series, s.a.
CountryInformation on item
AustraliaInformation on item5.
AustriaInformation on item6.
BelgiumInformation on item6.
CanadaInformation on item7.
ChileInformation on item8.
ColombiaInformation on item13.811.214.612.813.112.110.710.911.010.69.9..
Costa RicaInformation on item16.412.218.015.313.713.611.712.011.710.69.6..
Czech RepublicInformation on item
DenmarkInformation on item5.
EstoniaInformation on item6.
FinlandInformation on item7.
FranceInformation on item7.
GermanyInformation on itemInformation on item3.63.1
GreeceInformation on item14.812.415.613.813.313.112.412.411.911.411.2..
HungaryInformation on item4.
IcelandInformation on item6.
IrelandInformation on item6.
IsraelInformation on itemInformation on item5.
ItalyInformation on item9.
JapanInformation on item2.
KoreaInformation on item3.
LatviaInformation on item7.
LithuaniaInformation on item7.
LuxembourgInformation on item5.
MexicoInformation on item4.
NetherlandsInformation on item4.
New ZealandInformation on item3.
NorwayInformation on item4.
PolandInformation on item3.
PortugalInformation on item6.
Slovak RepublicInformation on item6.
SloveniaInformation on item4.
SpainInformation on item14.812.915.414.613.513.312.712.712.912.711.9..
SwedenInformation on item8.
SwitzerlandInformation on item5.
TürkiyeInformation on item12.010.512.511.711.110.910.810.
United KingdomInformation on item4.
United StatesInformation on item5.
European Union – 27 countries (from 01/02/2020)Information on item7.
Euro area (20 countries)Information on item7.
OECD - Total
RussiaInformation on item4.8..
South AfricaInformation on item34.333.534.934.735.234.234.432.832.732.6....
EEstimated value
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