Sub-central tax ratesSub-central personal allowanceInformation on itemSub-central tax creditInformation on itemRepresentative sub-central rateInformation on itemMinimum sub-central rateInformation on itemMaximum sub-central rateInformation on item
UnitNational currencyNational currencyPercentagePercentagePercentage
CountryLevel of governmentInformation on itemTax baseInformation on item
DenmarkLTYInformation on item....24.9722.8026.30
FinlandTYIInformation on item7 110.00..20.0217.0023.50
Iceland TYInformation on item....14.4512.4414.52
ItalyInformation on item....3.331.733.33
JapanTYsInformation on item330 000.00..10.00....
KoreaCTInformation on item....10.005.0015.00
NorwaySLTYInformation on item....14.850.0014.85
Sweden LInformation on item....32.2729.0835.15
United StatesSTYsInformation on item4 900.0090.154.25....
LInformation on item600.00..2.40....
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