MechanismTax expenditure
UnitDanish Krone
MeasureIncidenceIndicatorStageFuel Type
Reduced Energy Duty for CHP GenerationInformation on itemDirect ConsumptionConsumer Support EstimateUse of fossil fuels in electricity generationCoalOther bituminous coalInformation on item2 001 866 048Information on item2 056 893 758Information on item1 937 556 854Information on item1 891 462 848Information on item1 910 758 097Information on item843 359 419Information on item970 457 461Information on item969 690 17500
PetroleumRefinery gasInformation on item18 843 951Information on item17 556 722Information on item17 045 064Information on item18 390 130Information on item17 452 505Information on item11 128 710Information on item9 970 892Information on item15 041 80000
Gas/diesel oil excl. biofuelsInformation on item2 779 688Information on item4 856 419Information on item20 738 841Information on item7 147 620Information on item5 632 162Information on item3 192 331Information on item2 860 205Information on item1 213 42700
Fuel oilInformation on item107 461 979Information on item108 937 699Information on item106 391 704Information on item69 988 969Information on item38 195 615Information on item17 319 539Information on item16 711 442Information on item14 054 59900
Reduced Energy Duty for Diesel FuelInformation on itemOther end uses of fossil fuelsGas/diesel oil excl. biofuelsInformation on item4 814 963 807Information on item5 182 766 904Information on item5 165 006 027Information on item5 346 113 534Information on item5 825 000 000Information on item5 725 000 000Information on item5 675 000 000Information on item5 675 000 0001 115 000 0001 235 000 000
Reduced Energy Duty for Natural GasInformation on itemNatural gasInformation on item0Information on item0Information on item0Information on item0Information on item0Information on item0Information on item0Information on item000
Hydrocarbon Tax AllowanceInformation on itemCapitalProducer Support EstimateExtraction or mining stagePetroleumCrude oil0000000000
Natural gas0000000000
Energy Tax Exemption on Electricity used for Oil and Gas DrillingInformation on itemCost of Intermediate InputsPetroleumCrude oil0000000000
Natural gas0000000000
Energy Duty Exemption for AircraftsInformation on itemDirect ConsumptionConsumer Support EstimateOther end uses of fossil fuelsPetroleumAviation gasoline0000000000
Gasoline type jet fuel0000000000
Kerosene type jet fuel excl. biofuels0000000000
Energy Duty Exemption for FerriesInformation on itemGas/diesel oil excl. biofuels0000000000
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