MeasureIncidenceIndicatorStageFuel Type
Market Price Support for Domestic CoalInformation on itemOutput ReturnsProducer Support EstimateExtraction or mining stageCoalHard coal (if no detail)Information on item20 900 000Information on item20 900 000Information on item17 300 000Information on item14 600 000Information on item8 783 998Information on item7 260 060Information on item7 461 000Information on item7 461 000....
Feed in Tariff for Natural Gas Used in CHP PlantsInformation on itemDirect ConsumptionConsumer Support EstimateUse of fossil fuels in electricity generationNatural gasInformation on item6 000 000Information on item5 900 000Information on item7 900 000Information on item7 000 000Information on item5 750 000Information on item12 980 643Information on item16 251 905Information on item18 418 376Information on item24 113 724Information on item24 113 724
Closing of Trbovlje-Hrastnik CoalmineInformation on itemEnterprise IncomeGeneral Services Support EstimateExtraction or mining stageCoalHard coal (if no detail)Information on item15 000 000Information on item16 500 000Information on item17 200 000Information on item20 900 000Information on item16 500 000Information on item13 660 644Information on item11 045 244Information on item6 768 700Information on item7 341 993Information on item7 341 993
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