MeasureIncidenceIndicatorStageFuel Type
Government Grants for PetroSA Training on ProjectsInformation on itemLabourGeneral Services Support EstimateExtraction or mining stagePetroleumCrude oilInformation on item0Information on item0Information on item850 257Information on item623 813Information on item635 383Information on item130 992Information on item231 722Information on item515 961161 192161 192
Natural gas liquidsInformation on item0Information on item330 514Information on item456 210Information on item424 260Information on item432 129Information on item513 602Information on item544 422Information on item941 265294 062294 062
Natural gasInformation on item0Information on item2 849 486Information on item3 065 533Information on item2 671 927Information on item2 401 487Information on item2 440 406Information on item3 718 856Information on item5 448 7731 617 7461 617 746
Fiscal Funding for Multiproduct Pipeline Project by TransnetInformation on itemCapitalTransportation of fossil fuels (e.g., through pipelines)PetroleumGas/diesel oil excl. biofuelsInformation on item0Information on item0Information on item0Information on item1 500 000 000Information on item1 500 000 000Information on item1 500 000 000Information on item0Information on item00..
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