Environmental and resource productivityCO2 ProductivityProduction-based CO2 productivity, GDP per unit of energy-related CO2 emissionsUS dollars per kilogram, 20102.552.712.963.
Production-based CO2 intensity, energy-related CO2 per capitaTonnes10.2910.3110.7910.7210.6310.7610.7910.7410.6110.6710.319.649.959.769.609.569.37..
Production-based CO2 emissions, index 2000=100Index, 2000=10088.4192.33100.00100.1199.88101.76102.78103.04102.47103.79101.1495.1498.9897.5896.5296.5995.21..
Production-based CO2 emissionsTonnes, Millions11 014.2811 502.5712 458.5012 471.6512 443.8512 677.5512 804.5912 837.3012 766.0412 931.2012 600.9011 853.0412 331.4012 157.2512 025.0612 033.8111 862.24..
Demand-based CO2 productivity, GDP per unit of energy-related CO2 emissionsUS dollars per kilogram, 2010..2.482.602.652.702.682.712.752.842.913.
Demand-based CO2 intensity, energy-related CO2 per capitaTonnes..11.2612.2612.1412.0412.2812.4512.5312.4612.3811.9410.9211.3311.17........
Demand-based CO2 emissions, index 2000=100Index, 2000=100..88.77100.0099.7199.57102.26104.36105.78105.89106.07103.0694.9099.2098.29........
Demand-based CO2 emissionsTonnes, Millions..12 565.7914 155.7914 115.2514 095.5914 476.3514 773.0014 973.3114 989.9815 015.4114 588.3513 433.4714 041.8613 914.16........
Energy productivityEnergy productivity, GDP per unit of TPESUS Dollar, 20106 189.496 375.496 945.397 062.807 135.937 191.457 293.717 452.167 680.167 850.167 969.168 044.418 018.698 327.658 489.618 559.988 784.32
(E8 988.51
Energy intensity, TPES per capitaTonnes of oil equivalent (toe)4.244.384.594.554.554.584.634.634.604.594.494.274.384.
Total primary energy supply, index 2000=100Index, 2000=10085.4892.08100.0099.72100.38101.69103.61104.24104.35104.84103.5299.00102.35100.4499.77100.1999.51
Total primary energy supplyTonnes of oil equivalent (toe), Millions4 533.624 883.955 303.775 288.915 323.985 393.635 495.445 528.835 534.545 560.275 490.655 250.775 428.275 327.325 291.505 314.115 277.61
(E5 272.86
Renewable energy supply, % TPESPercentage5.996.176.035.745.785.916.036.256.456.657.027.477.798.168.729.179.409.64
Renewable electricity, % total electricity generationPercentage17.2417.0015.5414.7415.0514.8315.0915.1015.5315.3616.3017.3717.6919.0420.0121.2622.0922.96
Non-energy material productivityNon-energy material productivity, GDP per unit of DMCUS dollars per kilogram, 2010....................
Biotic materials, % of DMCPercentage....................25.7227.9526.9626.5526.95......
Construction minerals, % of DMCPercentage....................42.5439.7138.8238.7937.51......
Other abiotic materials (excluding construction), % of DMCPercentage....................31.7532.3434.2234.6635.54......
Municipal waste generated, kg per capitaKilograms per capita
Municipal waste recycled or composted, % treated waste Percentage..
Municipal waste incinerated, % treated wastePercentage..
Municipal waste disposed to landfills, % treated wastePercentage..
Natural asset baseFreshwater resourcesTotal freshwater abstraction per capitaCubic metres per capita
Water stress, total freshwater abstraction as % total available renewable resourcesPercentage
Water stress, total freshwater abstraction as % total internal renewable resourcesPercentage
Land resourcesArable and cropland, % total land areaPercentage13.6613.1913.1613.2013.0212.9112.8212.7912.5212.3812.3812.2812.0612.0212.2312.0912.18..
Pastures and meadows, % total land areaPercentage25.1125.0824.6624.6024.3524.2024.2524.4224.2224.1023.8723.5823.3723.5523.4123.1923.43..
Forest, % total land areaPercentage30.8030.9831.0831.0931.1031.1031.1131.1231.1331.1431.1631.1731.1831.2131.2531.2831.31..
Other land, % total land areaPercentage30.4330.7531.1031.1131.5431.7931.8231.6732.1332.3832.5832.9733.3933.2133.1133.4433.08..
Environmental dimension of quality of lifeExposure to air pollutionMean population exposure to PM2.5Micrograms per cubic metre....15.9315.6816.1416.7214.0914.9415.0014.0213.9913.9214.0413.4913.0914.0715.1214.48
Percentage of population exposed to more than 10 micrograms/m3Percentage....86.6585.7787.0988.7581.4684.3982.0280.4673.3170.2268.5375.7269.2069.9772.0075.16
Percentage of population exposed to more than 35 micrograms/m3Percentage....0.591.370.220.410.
Economic opportunities and policy responsesTechnology and innovation: PatentsDevelopment of environment-related technologies, % all technologiesPercentage7.137.117.407.627.597.817.898.148.839.5510.5011.8312.2612.3411.8310.45....
Relative advantage in environment-related technologyRatio1.
Development of environment-related technologies, % inventions worldwidePercentage98.2698.0896.8396.7095.6795.2494.7193.9793.3893.1191.9591.3790.6990.3489.8190.26....
Development of environment-related technologies, inventions per capitaNumber7.418.0713.2913.6614.6114.4915.3616.2317.5618.7519.3421.3823.4924.2123.5520.42....
Environmental taxes and transfersEnvironmentally related taxes, % GDPPercentage..
Environmentally related taxes, % total tax revenuePercentage..
Energy related tax revenue, % total environmental tax revenuePercentage..
Road transport-related tax revenue, % total environmental tax revenuePercentage..
Fossil fuel consumption support, % energy related tax revenuePercentage....
Fossil fuel consumption support, % total tax revenuePercentage....
Socio-economic contextReal GDP, Index 2000=100Index, 2000=10076.1884.53100.00101.41103.13105.30108.81111.85115.39118.49118.78114.67118.17120.44121.94123.49125.88128.68
Value added in agriculture, % of total value addedPercentage
Value added in industry, % of total value addedPercentage
Value added in services, % of total value addedPercentage
Real GDP per capitaUS Dollar, 201026 223.7227 914.5331 892.9732 120.0632 462.0332 912.9233 776.8634 478.2735 321.9236 001.6835 816.9134 339.3235 131.9135 611.8935 868.3536 125.1036 612.6137 210.90
Population density, inhabitants per km2Inhabitants..30.9332.0332.2532.4532.6832.9033.1333.3733.6233.6933.9234.1634.3534.5334.7234.92..
Labour tax revenue, % GDPPercentage17.0517.0717.7517.7316.8016.3916.1716.4516.7016.9917.1316.3716.2216.5716.7817.4216.8216.65
EEstimated value
IIncomplete data
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