MechanismTax expenditure
MeasureIncidenceIndicatorStageFuel Type
Reduced Rate of Excise for Certain Uses of Petroleum FuelsInformation on itemDirect ConsumptionConsumer Support EstimateOther end uses of fossil fuelsPetroleumLiquefied petroleum gases (LPG)Information on item14 841Information on item14 791Information on item29 991Information on item30 494Information on item15 157Information on item0Information on item0Information on item000
Other keroseneInformation on item13 869Information on item0Information on item0Information on item0Information on item14 164Information on item12 527Information on item12 315Information on item000
Gas/diesel oil excl. biofuelsInformation on item3 283 885Information on item3 272 785Information on item3 319 622Information on item2 895 086Information on item2 273 324Information on item2 556 551Information on item2 367 069Information on item2 252 9232 000 0002 000 000
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