MeasureIncidenceIndicatorStageFuel Type
Raising Accessibility of Lignite Reserves in Hornonitranske Bane, Prievidza, a.s.Information on itemCapitalProducer Support EstimateExtraction or mining stageCoalLignite..Information on item3 894 311Information on item3 674 567Information on item3 644 692Information on item4 990 041Information on item4 708 557........
Feed In Tariff for Domestic LigniteInformation on itemDirect ConsumptionConsumer Support EstimateUse of fossil fuels in electricity generation....Information on item35 280 000Information on item52 110 000Information on item53 610 000Information on item66 770 000Information on item70 630 000Information on item52 150 000Information on item70 450 000Information on item70 450 000
Severance Payments for Miners Laid Off by Hornonitranske Bane, Prievidza, a.s.Information on itemLabourGeneral Services Support EstimateExtraction or mining stageInformation on item785 368..................
Retirements Benefits for Miners from Hornonitranske Bane, Prievidza, a.s.Information on itemInformation on item1 224 941Information on item1 224 856................
Support for Phasing Out Mining Activity by Bana Dolina, Vel’ky Krtis, a.sInformation on itemEnterprise IncomeInformation on item1 301 604Information on item404 106Information on item268 506Information on item240 149Information on item206 756Information on item210 000Information on item3 000Information on item0Information on item0Information on item0
Coal Allowances for Former Miners and Miners' WidowsInformation on itemDirect ConsumptionConsumer Support EstimateOther end uses of fossil fuels....Information on item470 900Information on item450 600Information on item434 100Information on item422 311Information on item39 233 000Information on item379 634Information on item363 899Information on item363 899
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